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I forgot to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Soroush, I’m 26 and I believe I have great ideas but so far, I wasn’t lucky Organized enough to be successful.

This is the main reason why I got this blog; It keeps me organized while it can be a good reference for you while the discussions can be beneficial for both of us.

Currently I’m at the middle of 50-55 website projects, living in Canada and being a full time employee, I barely have enough time to work during the week and the only way for me is to keep them in line and work on two or three of them on weekends while keeping them all in mind.

Ok, what do I mean by saying Successful?

I love traveling and staying in other places for a while so I don’t like my work to make me restricted staying and living in Toronto so I’m trying to make a reliable income from my sites, quite my current job and start my dream world with my wife, this is the meaning of Success for me.

That’s not a hard thing to do just needs me to focus on it and stay organized.

A year and half ago I started a whole new idea, 3 months work resulted in a perfect money maker website generating $500 a month with Alexa rank 32,000 after 2nd month from start. I was getting close to my goals but was forced to sell it due to some personal problems.

I sold it on eBay for $1,350 and that’s my only regret in whole life.

Anyway now I’m starting over again and here is my deadline:

Phase1: I should be making $500-$600 a month before Jul. 15 Aug. 15.

It’s a promise and I will keep my word.

Check the blog for updates.



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