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Jiosis acquires Scriptbloggers !

Interesting News, as hot as “SDL acquires Tridion” ! (LOL)

Well, I’m sure it won’t be too far since I already have my plans to create a huge internet empire using the experience I gained through years.


Hello, My name is Soroush and I’ve purchased this blog from Chris recently since I found a lot of similar goals with him as stated on his last post.

I have a network of 50-54 incomplete sites, waiting for my attention for years but this network is getting bigger every month without a real success as I start projects before finishing the previous one and it’s the most annoying habit of mine.

I was in needed of a central place to put all my project’s progress, goals, testings methods and success stories to be discussed and even used by others since I’ve learned a lot from people on the net and this was my major reason to purchase this wonderful blog.

In the end, I hope this blog to be useful for everyone as well as me.



P.S. Jiosis is absolutely a name without any meaning ! This was my company name for years and I’ve used it as an internet nickname so if you google it, you won’t find anything else rather than information related to myself and my previous company.

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What are my goals for 2007

Well the scriptbloggers website has only been up for a couple of weeks so it’s time that i set out some specific goals that i am determined to reach. I have already started making a small yet profitable amount of money from this blog although that is not my main concern at all.

The things i want to achieve:

  • Get at least a 100,000 alexa rank within 6months. (currently 519,000)
  • Repeat that for Technolarity rankings (currently 780,000)
  • Increase earnings from Scriptbloggers to atleast $300 a month (currently under $100)

These goals i don’t think are very high but at the moment it’s what i would be happy at reaching although i do expect to surpass these with some extra work going into the blog. As per usual i will be reporting back on the techniques i used to achieve this.

So what do you have to look forward to?

  • Various articles discussing blogging and education
  • Some free web scripts to use on your site (or create your own site with)
  • Free clipshare templates for clipshare pro 2.0 (this is a youtube clone that im a designer for)
  • New projects to compliment the Ebay Affiliate Program and Advertising Network experiments
  • Discuss the techniques i used to get listed on one of the top blogs in the industry
  • Various other Blog Networking techniques

Plus alot more! (when i’ve thought of it.) ;)


College or NOT to succeed online

I’m interested in hearing peoples opinions on whether you think college’s such as Collins Art School can play a major role in a web developers success. I for one have been to University for three years, infact i’ve just finished and at the moment i feel that i could of done just aswell without it in the online business – that doesn’t mean i didn’t need to go to college to do what i want ‘offline’.

Why do i think College is not necessary to succeed online? – Firstly information about blogging, marketing of websites ect.. is very rarely discussed in college unless it’s a very specific type of course, perhaps a subsection of a module would skim the surface lightly. Today to succeed in the online business of affiliate’s and PPC you need knowledge and this can be obtained from one place. Yes the internet!

This is just a small introductory post to a new blogseries here at scriptbloggers which discusses various Educational aspects of blogging.


Design simple but effective

After scouring the web in the search of inspiration for my own blog design i came across the leisuretime promotions this type of design is a perfect example of simple but effective webdesign in action. The colours used are very eyecatching but do not put you off and the ‘tearing’ effects add something special. This is the type of design im going to try and recreate for my blog – using my own styles ect.. but looking to create something unique and eye catching. Let’s hope i can achieve it!

This type of design looks great on an activity website such as lesiure sites and i have had so many theme changes to my blog i think it’s time i tried to create my own.

What’s coming soon? – we take a look at the ITpays results and updates on the Ebay affiliate project so stay tuned for that!

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TextAd Experiment – ItPays

First Week!

Since the start of google contextual ads there have been many that want to follow in the footsteps of the powerhouse advertiser. In response to this i will be running various text ads across my blog in an attempt to test these solutions out and i will be reporting everything back to you.

The lucky Guinea pig for the first round are text ad service and if their websites anything to go by i’m not too hopeful for this network. However, this experiment is fair and based on how much potential money can be made so i will be testing as many Text advertising networks as i possibly can, whats different? – is keyword based and doesn’t have anything to do with your content.

ItPays is the first to step onto the scriptbloggers site as there has been a couple of complaints by ItPays customers regarding payouts while ItPays continue to defend itself claiming that the clicks where fraudulent. Stay tuned for the real review in a few days!

Signing up for gives you $30 free advertising credit!


The battle of Made For Adsense

PART 1 of the MFA battle

If you are a reputable adsense publisher who feels that you provide a valuable service to your visitors by displaying relevant adverts on your website you might want to look away now!

MFA, or Made For Adsense websites are exactly as they sound, designed to attract search engine visitors and then provide them with various overcrowding adsense blocks that engulf the small amount of content provided in a bid to encourage the user to move on through PPC adverts. The content on these sites have no real depth, they are keyword dense articles that serve a purpose of enticing search engine users to their website.

The Search Engines, round 1:

In recent years the penalty of duplicating content has been severe, google now pushes articles which it presumes are copied from an original source – using various algorithms – into the Supplemental Result index, this can prove troublesome for MFA publishers because after they are in that index getting out is near impossible, especially when your content is appearing on thousands of other MFA websites.

This is the technique google used to protect it’s users from one-track profit making websites.

The MFA publishers, round 2:

Whats the secret to creating your own adsense empire? – unique content multiplied by quantity.
Taking a look at Clickbank there are various article spinners and article niche creators which allow you to simply put in a number of long tail keywords or an existing article which, once the program has finished running will create a brand new article regarded as being unique by all search engines.

This is the trick of the new MFA publisher.

The last round in a best of 3 game:

On average an MFA empire has around 20,000 short, 100 word articles, and they are dense with keywords that search engines are likely to target. Distribute these articles to 2,000 websites so inturn leaves 10 articles per website each article targeting a different keyword in a particular niche.

How much do these websites earn?

One website has the ability to make $50 per year, although most of these sites will average out at around $40 per year. Yes this is low for one site but remember there are 2,000 of these websites and a potential earning of $80,000 a year.

It seems that the MFA publishers are winning but it’s the last round in a best of 3 game and google is not an easy opponent.

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T-shirt affiliate marketing – breakdown

If your into the affiliates market then there’s certainly one post that you will not want to miss. Over at Dosh Dosh they’ve posted an extremely detailed guide to getting started as a t-shirt affiliate. Did you know that you can earn $4 per item sold even if the overall cost is $12 or $20. It’s a great way to start affiliate marketing and Dosh Dosh have provided you with an abundance of information from eleven easy steps to t-shirt marketing to an amazing thirty-one different affiliate programs.

I will be reviewing the T-shirt affiliate market in the coming weeks as i try out the steps described in this post – so subscribe to my rss feeds and look forward to an in-depth breakdown of what i did.


Article featured on Top Blog

Thats right, Scriptbloggers has been back online for three short days and Mitch over at harpzOn has decided to feature one of my posts titled ‘Loyal readers worth 20 times more’ – It’s an article detailing why you should take notice of the readers you already have and provide them with something unique. The reason for this? – Well loyal bloggers are worth 20 times more!

The article will be appearing on harpzOn soon.

If you are arriving from Mitch’s blog, HarpzOn then let me first welcome you, although my blog has not yet got the advantage of being full of content as i’m literally just starting out i hope that you will subscribe to my rss feeds as i have got some nice content coming up that you will not want to miss. My next article will be titled, Creating an adsense empire – detailing the benefits and risks of MFA (made for adsense) websites.

I hope you enjoyed my article.

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Ebay affiliate project

Welcome to the Ebay affiliate Project, here i will keep you up to date with all the important news regarding this project.

04/04/2007 Introduction: Ebay affiliate script project powered by build a niche store

Check back soon for more information!

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Clipshare Youtube clone script tips

Over the last six months i have been developing, designing and redoing clipshare websites for clients.  This is what i do on the side – develop clipshare websites, it helps develop my design abilities i have a bit of growth to go in the design field and i love to unleash my creative juices.

Over at the clipshare community forums there was a post asking why can i not get traffic and why is google not indexing my site.  I thought i’d help out and write this post.

5 tips to increase your clipshare youtube clone website traffic.

Notify users to write descriptions that are relevant you can do this on the upload.tpl file.  If a user see’s something saying – “By writing a relevant description your video will be viewed more times.” This will encourage users to write long tail descriptions which will help in search engine indexing.

Create backlinks and advertise your website -  Post video’s on other websites linking back to your website in the description.  Post on forums using your website link in the forum signature and submit your website to various directories and search engines.  Another way to create backlinks is to post on popular blogs that run in the same or similar niche as your website.

Edit your upload file to only allow adding a video to one channel.  If a video is added to three channels this increases the likelihood of a search engine picking up the content as being duplicated.  This will result in your website falling dramatically especially in google.

Link exchange – emailing webmasters of similar websites and exchanging links not only benefits you but it also benefits them, remember and make sure that the website is relevant to your niche or else you will receive non-targeted visitors which will not benefit you at all.

Offering an incentive for uploading – Try offering users an incentive to upload, this doesn’t have to be money or a prize although this will indeed increase participation.  It could come in the form of being ‘featured’ on the homepage of your clipshare website for a week.  If it get’s two – three more video uploads a week it’s a success.

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