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Clipshare Youtube clone script tips

Over the last six months i have been developing, designing and redoing clipshare websites for clients.  This is what i do on the side – develop clipshare websites, it helps develop my design abilities i have a bit of growth to go in the design field and i love to unleash my creative juices.

Over at the clipshare community forums there was a post asking why can i not get traffic and why is google not indexing my site.  I thought i’d help out and write this post.

5 tips to increase your clipshare youtube clone website traffic.

Notify users to write descriptions that are relevant you can do this on the upload.tpl file.  If a user see’s something saying – “By writing a relevant description your video will be viewed more times.” This will encourage users to write long tail descriptions which will help in search engine indexing.

Create backlinks and advertise your website -  Post video’s on other websites linking back to your website in the description.  Post on forums using your website link in the forum signature and submit your website to various directories and search engines.  Another way to create backlinks is to post on popular blogs that run in the same or similar niche as your website.

Edit your upload file to only allow adding a video to one channel.  If a video is added to three channels this increases the likelihood of a search engine picking up the content as being duplicated.  This will result in your website falling dramatically especially in google.

Link exchange – emailing webmasters of similar websites and exchanging links not only benefits you but it also benefits them, remember and make sure that the website is relevant to your niche or else you will receive non-targeted visitors which will not benefit you at all.

Offering an incentive for uploading – Try offering users an incentive to upload, this doesn’t have to be money or a prize although this will indeed increase participation.  It could come in the form of being ‘featured’ on the homepage of your clipshare website for a week.  If it get’s two – three more video uploads a week it’s a success.

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