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The battle of Made For Adsense

PART 1 of the MFA battle

If you are a reputable adsense publisher who feels that you provide a valuable service to your visitors by displaying relevant adverts on your website you might want to look away now!

MFA, or Made For Adsense websites are exactly as they sound, designed to attract search engine visitors and then provide them with various overcrowding adsense blocks that engulf the small amount of content provided in a bid to encourage the user to move on through PPC adverts. The content on these sites have no real depth, they are keyword dense articles that serve a purpose of enticing search engine users to their website.

The Search Engines, round 1:

In recent years the penalty of duplicating content has been severe, google now pushes articles which it presumes are copied from an original source – using various algorithms – into the Supplemental Result index, this can prove troublesome for MFA publishers because after they are in that index getting out is near impossible, especially when your content is appearing on thousands of other MFA websites.

This is the technique google used to protect it’s users from one-track profit making websites.

The MFA publishers, round 2:

Whats the secret to creating your own adsense empire? – unique content multiplied by quantity.
Taking a look at Clickbank there are various article spinners and article niche creators which allow you to simply put in a number of long tail keywords or an existing article which, once the program has finished running will create a brand new article regarded as being unique by all search engines.

This is the trick of the new MFA publisher.

The last round in a best of 3 game:

On average an MFA empire has around 20,000 short, 100 word articles, and they are dense with keywords that search engines are likely to target. Distribute these articles to 2,000 websites so inturn leaves 10 articles per website each article targeting a different keyword in a particular niche.

How much do these websites earn?

One website has the ability to make $50 per year, although most of these sites will average out at around $40 per year. Yes this is low for one site but remember there are 2,000 of these websites and a potential earning of $80,000 a year.

It seems that the MFA publishers are winning but it’s the last round in a best of 3 game and google is not an easy opponent.

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