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College or NOT to succeed online

I’m interested in hearing peoples opinions on whether you think college’s such as Collins Art School can play a major role in a web developers success. I for one have been to University for three years, infact i’ve just finished and at the moment i feel that i could of done just aswell without it in the online business – that doesn’t mean i didn’t need to go to college to do what i want ‘offline’.

Why do i think College is not necessary to succeed online? – Firstly information about blogging, marketing of websites ect.. is very rarely discussed in college unless it’s a very specific type of course, perhaps a subsection of a module would skim the surface lightly. Today to succeed in the online business of affiliate’s and PPC you need knowledge and this can be obtained from one place. Yes the internet!

This is just a small introductory post to a new blogseries here at scriptbloggers which discusses various Educational aspects of blogging.


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  1. Russell Wagner April 14th, 2007 6:53 pm

    Hey man, I don;t really think you need college to succeed online. But you really should go to college even if you are making $10k each month from the internet, cause anything can happen over the internet in a flash and you would have nothing so college is a good backup plan. But it isn’t NECESSARY. Thanks for reading my blog by the way, are you a frequent visitor?

    - Russell Wagner

  2. chris April 15th, 2007 4:30 pm

    Yes Russell. I became interested in the Web and design at around your age and i came across your blog and so far it’s been very good.

    College is important yes and i myself have just finished a degree in Edinburgh, Scotland. My home town!

  3. College Tips April 13th, 2010 8:41 am

    I only recently finished my secondary studies and it has suddenly dawned on me that I have absolutely no idea of the career route I should take. I have always been a grade A student, but now that I have had almost a year in the real world, I feel that I have been focusing too much on unreachable goals. I feel it’s come to a point where i’m goint to have to seek out some kind of career planning or something of that nature to guide me in the right direction. has anyone been in a similar situation?

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