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What are my goals for 2007

Well the scriptbloggers website has only been up for a couple of weeks so it’s time that i set out some specific goals that i am determined to reach. I have already started making a small yet profitable amount of money from this blog although that is not my main concern at all.

The things i want to achieve:

  • Get at least a 100,000 alexa rank within 6months. (currently 519,000)
  • Repeat that for Technolarity rankings (currently 780,000)
  • Increase earnings from Scriptbloggers to atleast $300 a month (currently under $100)

These goals i don’t think are very high but at the moment it’s what i would be happy at reaching although i do expect to surpass these with some extra work going into the blog. As per usual i will be reporting back on the techniques i used to achieve this.

So what do you have to look forward to?

  • Various articles discussing blogging and education
  • Some free web scripts to use on your site (or create your own site with)
  • Free clipshare templates for clipshare pro 2.0 (this is a youtube clone that im a designer for)
  • New projects to compliment the Ebay Affiliate Program and Advertising Network experiments
  • Discuss the techniques i used to get listed on one of the top blogs in the industry
  • Various other Blog Networking techniques

Plus alot more! (when i’ve thought of it.) ;)


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  1. Russell Wagner April 14th, 2007 6:56 pm

    Hey these are some nice goals. Infact, I’m just trying to get an alexa rank right now haha. But the good hting is I do rank second page on goole for my name, which I think is pretty cool. So you are making a little under $100 for this blog? thats great! Could you help me on the alexa ranking? how to get one? thanks!

    - Russell Wagner

  2. chris April 15th, 2007 4:28 pm

    If your sites brandnew it will take a while for Alexa to update and notice your site. Just keep driving traffic towards your website and think on methods of how to get noticed.
    For instance i guest blogged on Harpzon (you can check the article on top blog post) to a mixed reaction but it did bring in some visitors who obviously wanted to know about me. I’ll make a post shortly on how i did this and hte benefits of it.

    The $100 i wrote an ebay affiliate project program that got ranked 1st for the term and brought in alot of visitors who purchased the method i described.

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