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Jiosis acquires Scriptbloggers !

Interesting News, as hot as “SDL acquires Tridion” ! (LOL)

Well, I’m sure it won’t be too far since I already have my plans to create a huge internet empire using the experience I gained through years.


Hello, My name is Soroush and I’ve purchased this blog from Chris recently since I found a lot of similar goals with him as stated on his last post.

I have a network of 50-54 incomplete sites, waiting for my attention for years but this network is getting bigger every month without a real success as I start projects before finishing the previous one and it’s the most annoying habit of mine.

I was in needed of a central place to put all my project’s progress, goals, testings methods and success stories to be discussed and even used by others since I’ve learned a lot from people on the net and this was my major reason to purchase this wonderful blog.

In the end, I hope this blog to be useful for everyone as well as me.



P.S. Jiosis is absolutely a name without any meaning ! This was my company name for years and I’ve used it as an internet nickname so if you google it, you won’t find anything else rather than information related to myself and my previous company.

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