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Available domains

From my previous list is gone but the rest are still available for registration.

Here is todays list: with 495 searches a day for “refurbished laptop” according to Overture. with 450+ searches a day (“toshiba laptop”)

*Please note that the number of searches are based on Overture. For Google it’s around 3 times more but there is no official report for it.

That’s it for today.



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Valuable available domain names

The following domains are available at the moment, some of them are dropped just hours ago;

  • (While all other major extensions are registered.)
  • AND

That’s it for today. (Let me know if you like it and I will keep posting.)

Feel free to register them and post a comment here if you like.



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Good News for “Domain Name” Lovers

First I have an update on my projects then the good news, it’s like the advertisements you see before the movies or favorite tv shows.

What is New ?

  • I got an unbelievable domain name, again with high hopes for it. (Html Source)

According to Overture there are 108,690 searches per day for the word “html” that means more than 3M a month and around 15M on Google. I think I will be able to take my share so I already started thinking and planing on some nice ideas for it. Currently,I just installed a WordPress blog on it with a unique mini article, just to start the Google Sandbox’s timer and get out of it more quickly.

Again your ideas are highly appreciated.

  • LiveProxies finally beat Wikipedia on MSN.

Wikipedia was its only competitor on MSN for some related search terms and finally LiveProxies won the ranking race. I will start to disclose and share how easy is to get ranked well on MSN very soon. Currently I’m doing some final testings to finish my report but I will publish it as soon as it becomes ready.

OK now what is the good news for domain name lovers?

As I’m really overflowed by projects and domain names, but unfortunately can’t get rid of the addiction of searching for good available domain names, I decided to publish the valuable available domain names here. this way there will be a win-win-win situation. I won’t lose money, the domain name won’t be wasted and you will get a good name. Cool ?

I’m going to create a new category and start it shortly to reduce the temptation of registering them by myself, hope it works.

Don’t forget to leave me comments. ;)



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Sedo fees are … Ridiculuos ?

Couldn’t find any word to say.

Just got an offer for one of my old domain names on Sedo.

The fact is I’ve never sold any domain name specially on Sedo so I was shocked when I saw sedo fees deducted from the sales price ! You can take a look at the table below and I’m sure you will have the same idea.

Sales Price: 60 EUR
Less Sedo Fees: -50 EUR
Amount to be paid: 10 EUR

I think it’s really more than anything to be called a Sale Commission !

50 Euros for what ???!!

What did they do on such potential sale ?

Anyway I didn’t accept this offer but I thought it may be interesting for others to know.( If you haven’t tried Sedo )




Surprise, It’s Finally Launched

Hi there,

For two years I was about doing this project, thought and tested different methods and finally it’s launched and seems to work perfect.

My 2 years olds idea finally is born.

I request you all to take a look and let me know your ideas.

It’s fully functional, just need some more data entry and text edits that I will be doing.

I really need your ideas to improve this service and I think it can be so useful.

Currently I’m just working to improve the search functionality.



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MSN filters “scriptbloggers” in their instant messenger. WHAT ?!!

The fact I found out today is: MSN filters links containing the word “script” in their messenger, is it a bug?

YES, it’s weird but believe me, I found it out when trying to send my site’s link “” to one of my friends over msn chat and found out he doesn’t get any of my messages containing this link. Then started to test if the problem is from just my own site or it’s about all the links and found all the URLs containing the word “script”, cause your message to be blocked.


Not just the URL, but the whole message containing such a link, is blocked from being reached to recipients.

The fact is, it won’t get filtered if it’s just a text i.e. “” and it causes the problem when it’s a link (i.e. “” or “” )

I don’t understand if it’s a bug or it is done by purpose but didn’t find anything related on the net.

Maybe you can find more…

But if it’s a bug, here is the question:

The natural process of these kind of Instant Messaging is easy so is there anything hidden in between causing such a bug?

Do they process the messages, to find some special words on it?

I really don’t know, if you found, please let me know.



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OMG, WTF am I doing here?

I need a quiet place, who the hell told me to move from Richmond hill to this f***ing downtown Toronto ?

Yes, it’s 10 minutes walk to my work, comparing to 4 hours commute per day it’s a lot of time saving but what’s the point when I’m going crazy.

I want silence specially now that I’m sick I feel it even more.

I really missed a real nonstop sleep at night when I close my eyes in the dark and open them in the morning. Every single night there are things to wake me up at least 3 times, Building’s Fire alarm, Policemen seeking for someone, Police cars, Ambulances, Fireworks, Drunk young people shouting like crazy, etc.

I really need an online business, then I won’t stay at this place even one second, it’s crazy ! At least for me, I know people have different tastes but for me it’s the best incentive to work harder.

Once again, I’m going to launch 2 new services this week, one end of long weekend (Monday I guess) and the other during the week so stay in touch, I’m sure those will be interesting.



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Free Ads ?

Yes, free Ads but not for advertisers, its what publishers get… next to nothing !

Adsense I mean, everyday it’s getting worse and today I see 7 clicks on one of my Adsense channels with $0.03 earning ! Less than half a cent a click. LOL

Just wondered how can I advertise on someone else’s website with such a low Cost Per Click ? Doesn’t matter which niche or keyword is it, I would love to put my ads on it with such a price.

It’s not fair, I started removing it from my popular site’s one by one and testing some CPA based ads as obviously these revenues won’t get me anywhere.

I will keep here updated.



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Projects Update

Hi there,

This weekend I really couldn’t do much for my projects as I had to work on my dued taxes but here are some major updates and decisions I’ve made.

It seems that CasinoNewbies needs to get more aged to get out of Google sandbox and there is not much I can do so I decided to stop spending money for it till it gets at least 6 months old, in this time I can continue building back-links to increase its Pagerank. got Alexa rank of 156k so I decided to remove the Adsense in header and start advertising to sell the first 3 spots on it, on monthly or weekly subscriptions.

Scriptbloggers really works for me and makes me follow my projects one by one, so I’ll keep it updated as much as I can.

I’m going to disclose and start beta testing one of my best projects this weekend so keep in touch. It’s a really useful service.



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Domain Names with searched keywords

Hi there,

It’s like an addiction to me

I’m complaining I have too much to do with my current domains but still when I find something with a little potential I can’t resist!

I guess the first and best Money Making Practice for me is to STOP WASTING MONEY.

Anyway, I got good results having searched keywords in my domain name specially on MSN and just now registered some more.

In my idea, almost all of them are useless but as usual I want to try.

Even some of them look great but I don’t have any specific plan for them now !

According to Overture there are;

12755.98 searches per day for “free email” so I got “”

980.96 searches per day for “money conversion” so I got “”

12270.49 searches for “mp3 players” and I got “”

1323.56 searches for “online stock trading” and “” is what I got.

12502.18 for “real estate agent” so I got””

4592.49 for “free web hosting” again the “.biz” is what I got.

7075.42 “portable mp3 players” and I got “.net” for it.

956.35 for “e learning” and I got “” (I really like it.)

and I was going to continue but could keep myself from registering more.

For those who may be interested. at the time I am writing this post the following domains are available to register: with 1234.07 searches a day with 753.48 searches a day ( and I don’t really understand why people may search such a thing )

and …

If anyone interested I will create a page for such things then maybe I post them here instead of registering.

I’m going to start working on my old projects, weekends are my only usable time.



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