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Google pagerank update

What was the effect of this recent update for you and did you expect the result?

For me,

I got my 40 days old blog site to PR 4 from 0 !

Purchased oneway links, posted to directories, forum signatures and article submission.

Scriptbloggers got the PR 1.

Thanks Chris…

httpForum went down to 0 from 1 !

I will introduce httpForum in my next posts but as for now, it was my most beautiful dream with high hopes but became a forgotten project (personal problems in the worst time) so I haven’t promote it, didn’t renew the links I’d purchased and removed it from my forum signature so I expected such a downgrade.

I see no change for the rest of my sites.

Who cares?

The fact is that I don’t care much about Pagerank but it is a factor when it comes to popular search terms on google.

I was getting traffic from google since the first days my site got indexed without Pagerank, just because of frequency of the unique updates, but it was temporary and it seems that I’ve lost google’s attention since my content got older.

I guess this Pagerank can be helpful in long term and put more weight on my site’s content comparing to others with lower PR.

I will try to write my project list shortly. :)



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