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OMG, WTF am I doing here?

I need a quiet place, who the hell told me to move from Richmond hill to this f***ing downtown Toronto ?

Yes, it’s 10 minutes walk to my work, comparing to 4 hours commute per day it’s a lot of time saving but what’s the point when I’m going crazy.

I want silence specially now that I’m sick I feel it even more.

I really missed a real nonstop sleep at night when I close my eyes in the dark and open them in the morning. Every single night there are things to wake me up at least 3 times, Building’s Fire alarm, Policemen seeking for someone, Police cars, Ambulances, Fireworks, Drunk young people shouting like crazy, etc.

I really need an online business, then I won’t stay at this place even one second, it’s crazy ! At least for me, I know people have different tastes but for me it’s the best incentive to work harder.

Once again, I’m going to launch 2 new services this week, one end of long weekend (Monday I guess) and the other during the week so stay in touch, I’m sure those will be interesting.



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