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Looking for new available domain names list? Scroll down.


If you are a Sudoku fan, take a look at my new project Daily Sudoku at

I had this domain for months and wrote a Sudoku Generator script for it but that script is not fully functional at the moment (It works fine but sometimes it gives messed up puzzles) so I decided to give it a go by checking the generated puzzles manually and try to troubleshoot the script later

I know this site is not going to generate any revenue as I didn’t even put ads on it but I always wanted to do it, so I just did it :)

One of the projects I’m going to start soon is

It’s going to be a Social Networking / Dating site for Toronto.

Currently I’m doing some research to see what is the best script for it. I think PHPizabi is good but still I’m not sure.

I don’t want to repeat the mistake I did on httpforum to start with a wrong script and think about migration when it got into problems.

As always, suggestions are appreciated.

Nice Available Domain Names: seem to be taken now but the other one in my previous post is still available. is available with 98,000+ Searches a month for “Nancy Pelosi” according to Overture.

For some reason I really like the”.sc” domain extension. Maybe it’s because of that I use a lot during the day.

at present is Available to be registered.



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