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I know a lot of you didn’t like the idea of domaining and discussions around it and there are others who are really in love with this business but I thought I’m getting way far of my main target of creating Scriptbloggers !

Anyway, I’ve got a good decision here and it was to move all the domaining related issues to my new site ( and keep Scriptbloggers my central point of projects.

Well, I’m getting closer to my deadline and I’m almost half a way to my first target ($500 a month) with some help of my domaining skills.

So I should pay more attention to what I do in these last steps as there is no time for trials and errors.

First: I got a good result from by removing Adsense from header and getting sponsors for it now the only problem is that it is blocked in some places (like the place I work) so I should give it a new life by creating more mirror sites that will not cost much for me.

Second: I have a feeling that CasinoNewbies is getting out of Google’s sandbox as it’s around 3-4 days that I see reasonable amount of organic visitors from Google on more competitive keywords. it will be definitely something I can count on but there is not much work to do.

Third: DnAve will be one of my short term sources of revenue as I got really good results these days focusing on domaining business but honestly it is not something I want to do forever as the way I do it needs my attention almost everyday.

And finally BlogDepot !

Yes, it’s also mine plus, , and some more that I can’t remember.

These are a part of project of mine that never came to reality but I was really surprised when I checked BlogDepot after 2 months and faced more than 60 blogs on it with Alexa rank of 387k !

I know I’m wasting the power and potential these domains have but they needs at least 3-4 days of work that currently I’m really interested to find !

I need a day just to put all my thoughts together and organize what I need to do.

As always your suggestions are really appreciated.



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