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Ebay Affiliation Program

Finally I have decided to put some time and effort to try eBay affiliation program but in a kind of unique way.

The basics will be to implement it on my domains with highly searched keywords and trying to optimize and rank them well specially on MSN search results.

Why MSN ?

Not because of number of searches, of course it is not comparable to Google but it is because there is no such stupid thing like Google’s sandbox preventing new sites to rank well and succeed because of age factor.

MSN gives the new domains and old ones, equal chance to succeed and the good news for me is that MSN ranking is highly based on keywords used in url, specially when used in domain name.

As I had good experiences with my previous attempts on optimization for MSN I don’t have much to lose, even if it doesn’t work, it is going to be a good SEO practice again LOL.

Currently I am thinking of two sites to start: ~13k searches a month based on OVT ~33k searches a month based on OVT

Let’s see how it goes.



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Ideas needed

Hi there,

I really need help and suggestions on one of my brilliant domains getting around 120 visitors a month and even earning couple of bucks a month from clicks it gets on sedo parking page. The reason I parked it at sedo wasn’t the rev, it was just because it’s the easiest way to have an idea of the number of visitors.

The domain name is BuildFree(.)com and I know if used properly it can be converted to a self-successful project but for some reason it has been months that I couldn’t think of a unique and good idea to implement on it since I really don’t want to spoil it.

Both .net and .org ones are active and have daily traffic (they are not mine) and since I own .com, I am mostly getting their typo traffic since there are a lot of people like myself trying (.com) by default when they hear of a domain name.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.




Google is playing with Pagerank but still no confirmed pagerank update

Today there were some weird Pagerank stumble signs for some domains specially on the following Google datacenters:


The reported Pagerank change didn’t last long for me and they returned to the same previous number as they were within hours but still there are people experiencing same situation for some websites.

While still there is no confirmed news of toolbar pagerank update, chances are pretty high that toolbar Pagerank update occurs these days based on the timings taken from previous occurrences.

Since the actual Pagerank updates regularly and kind of on daily basis, this toolbar pagerank update will not affect the actual search engine ranking and it is just the time people can actually see the Pagerank Google assigned to their pages through the toolbar.

For people who care about PR, it is a really important time because it actually shows if the efforts they made were successful or not.

I’m also interested to see what will happen to my sites specially some of my site’s inner pages.

I will update the blog once I get a confirmed news.





Sedo Sucks ! (Another update)

If you are new to my whole issue with Sedo please read 1)Here & 2)Here then it will be more interesting to continue reading how Sedo treats the domain sellers.

And here is the rest of story…

After passing 4 days of my last email mentioned in the two posts before, and getting no reply I decided to write again asking the status of my email and why they just avoid replying my specific question and a day after I got an email stating “Cancellation of transfer of my domain” !!!

And in that email they simply said the buyer didn’t cooperate and this cancellation is necessary.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

You may not believe how terrible they are when it comes to customer support ! I just don’t get the meaning of GUARANTEED SALE they mentioned in their Faq and I don’t know who is responsible for the 45 days they just wasted my time ?

People may think this was not their fault but I believe it is theirs as they don’t allow direct contact of parties that’s why they have that ridiculous commission on sale. Besides, I don’t care if my domain is not sold, I care about the time they killed by putting me into a kind of “contract and obligation”.

So I want to know what would happen if I (as the seller) sell the domain to someone else while this transfer was in progress ?

If you have ever tried to offer on a domain on Sedo you definitely have noticed that they won’t allow you, till you have a valid credit card on the file so what happened this time ?

It’s funny that one time I received an email they wanted to send to buyer by mistake and here was all they asked:

“…..the transfer will be cancelled and your Sedo account will be put under review.”

WOW that was scary LOL.

Anyway I’m still fighting to get at least a reasonable reply but the overal experience is:

Sedo works only for smooth and easy transactions and all they do is to wait till buyer pays, take their ridiculous commission and pass the rest to seller.

Following up is not even listed in their “to do list” and they just seek for easy money if failed they don’t care how long they have wasted your time, they simply cancel the deal !

Nice headacheless way of making money, isn’t it?

With no hope I will keep here updated.




Antiviruses and Malware protection

It has always been a pain for me to find a reliable protection for my machine that updates regularly to protect against new malwares without effecting my system performance and I guess there may be some of you there with same problem as mine.

Protection is absolutely necessary specially for people with more sensitive data and people who use credit cards online but not the way taking most of the system resources, effecting all other programs and making you to shut it down before being able to actually work with your machine.

In these years some of them really drove me crazy with annoying questions I had to answer each time I open a program, even if that was a well known trusted software.

I almost tried all the antiviruses that I could hear about;

Symantec Norton antivirus, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Panda, Avg, Avast, etc. but none of them actually did what I expected to get.

So even for a long time my machine was without any external protection just using the windows defender and by being extremely careful about my activities on the net till I found PrevX that was free in that time and I was one of their 10,000 beta testers.

The result was unbelievable, it was updated more than twice a day sometimes no performance reduction and I didn’t have even single sign of any kind of malware within more than a year that I used it. I’ve suggested it to all my friends and they are really pleased with the result they got.

Now they don’t need beta testers anymore since it’s pretty stable but they have a really cool trial free offer. You can download and install it for free and it will work forever if your system remains clean but the first time it detects and defends against an infection it will start to count down and you have 30 days to decide whether to buy it or not.

I was more than happy when I found their new version working with Windows Vista and I bought one for my new laptop.

The price is extremely low comparing to most of others and on their site it is around $25 for a year BUT I suggest you to visit their site and try it, if you liked leave me a comment and I can get one for you with a good discounted bulk price since I bought some licenses for myself, my family and friends.

Visit Prevx website.


An update on my domain sale issue with Sedo

I’ve contacted Sedo again, reminding them of the situation explained here and asked some questions like until when I should wait and blah blah blah.

Guess what ?

I got EXACTLY the same reply that I got a month ago, word by word a template email as a reply that had nothing to do with my questions and in the end something like ‘for further information don’t hesitate to contact us’ !

What is the point of contact when there seems to be an automated reply that I already got it twice !

I don’t know with such a high commission they get, what special do they do ?

Now the question is should I really remain obligated to this sale ?

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Google Analytics – Is anything wrong ?

Google Analytics is an essential part of my internet life, their service is amazing and really helpful. I install the code on most of my projects even before the content because sometimes it warns me the potentials I am missing by showing me activities, referrers and potential keywords to consider in SEO.

But it’s 3-4 days I see a big drop in traffic Analytics reports on almost all my sites! Even it shows zero visits on some of my “under development” projects, while they have always had some hits everyday.

At first I thought it maybe true and I’m losing visitors but when I checked server logs, found activities that were not tracked by Analytics and even report taken from Adsense proved the error in Analytics report.

Now I’m hoping their service back up to the accuracy it had before otherwise I have to find alternative solutions.

If you have been noticed the same situation, or have a better solution please let me know.




July 14, Where am I ?

A day before my deadline.

I failed hitting my first target which was $500 a month substantial online income.

Well, I hit it, even 6 times more but with cheating.  Surely, if I count earnings from freelance programming projects I did, domains and websites I’ve sold it will be much more than that amount but I just want to rely on one or two automated online businesses with a substantial income stream.

Currently AlliedNetworkInc is showing $150-$200 profit a month, Liveproxies generates $50 a month that needs some optimization and improvement, Misc. earning from rest of domains ~$30 and there is a pending ad contract for Casinonewbies that is still in negotiation, so based on current information, I managed to earn $230-$280 a month so far that is around half of what I expected which is a shame but mmmm acceptable as I didn’t have enough time to concentrate and dedicate myself to work on these projects :)

Now I have to extend the deadline to Aug 15 which I’m still afraid of not having enough time as I have lots of scheduled projects with tight deadlines to do in this time, at my fulltime office job.

Anyway I will try my best.




Big boys do make mistakes …


Three days ago I wasted some money on Adwords because I forgot to set daily budget limit for a keyword test drive I wanted to do that ended up with a shocking view when I logged in the next day and saw the cost column of this stupid test campaign (Not so much but still didn’t worth it). I was blaming myself how careless I am blah blah blah till I saw this ad and now I feel better because I realized even big boys like Dell do make mistakes :) Click on the thumbnail and you will realize what I am talking about.

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Is Sedo a good and safe place to sell ?

Personally I thought the answer would be YES till I experienced something else.

Around two months ago I received an offer for one of my domains, after a long negotiation process, decided to sell it but because the offer was lower than what I expected, I put it on auction, feeling confident that anyway the domain will be sold to the initial bidder if no other bid take place, and finally auction ended with the initial bid.

In their Auction FAQ they clearly stated the fact that the domain is GUARANTEED to be sold to the highest bidder.

From Sedo Faq page:

Is my domain guaranteed to sell if I auction it on Sedo?
Marketplace auctions definitely end in a sale! Domains may only be sent to auction when you receive an offer which will serve as the reserve. Auctions run only as long as the offer is binding, therefore should you not receive any new offers during the auction, the domain will definitely sell to the buyer whose offer lead to the auction.

With Broker Initiated Auctions, the domain will only sell once the reserve has been met.”

Passing almost a month from the day auction ended and still no news from buyer nor from Sedo.

The transaction status shows “Buyer found. Transaction in progress…” and the domain is no longer for sale and I can’t even sell it to someone else.

Contacted the customer support at Sedo and all I heard back was they already contacted the buyer and I should be patient but how long ?

I thought it’s good to share this experience with people who might be interested.

I will try to keep here updated if something comes up.



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