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Is Sedo a good and safe place to sell ?

Personally I thought the answer would be YES till I experienced something else.

Around two months ago I received an offer for one of my domains, after a long negotiation process, decided to sell it but because the offer was lower than what I expected, I put it on auction, feeling confident that anyway the domain will be sold to the initial bidder if no other bid take place, and finally auction ended with the initial bid.

In their Auction FAQ they clearly stated the fact that the domain is GUARANTEED to be sold to the highest bidder.

From Sedo Faq page:

Is my domain guaranteed to sell if I auction it on Sedo?
Marketplace auctions definitely end in a sale! Domains may only be sent to auction when you receive an offer which will serve as the reserve. Auctions run only as long as the offer is binding, therefore should you not receive any new offers during the auction, the domain will definitely sell to the buyer whose offer lead to the auction.

With Broker Initiated Auctions, the domain will only sell once the reserve has been met.”

Passing almost a month from the day auction ended and still no news from buyer nor from Sedo.

The transaction status shows “Buyer found. Transaction in progress…” and the domain is no longer for sale and I can’t even sell it to someone else.

Contacted the customer support at Sedo and all I heard back was they already contacted the buyer and I should be patient but how long ?

I thought it’s good to share this experience with people who might be interested.

I will try to keep here updated if something comes up.



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