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July 14, Where am I ?

A day before my deadline.

I failed hitting my first target which was $500 a month substantial online income.

Well, I hit it, even 6 times more but with cheating.  Surely, if I count earnings from freelance programming projects I did, domains and websites I’ve sold it will be much more than that amount but I just want to rely on one or two automated online businesses with a substantial income stream.

Currently AlliedNetworkInc is showing $150-$200 profit a month, Liveproxies generates $50 a month that needs some optimization and improvement, Misc. earning from rest of domains ~$30 and there is a pending ad contract for Casinonewbies that is still in negotiation, so based on current information, I managed to earn $230-$280 a month so far that is around half of what I expected which is a shame but mmmm acceptable as I didn’t have enough time to concentrate and dedicate myself to work on these projects :)

Now I have to extend the deadline to Aug 15 which I’m still afraid of not having enough time as I have lots of scheduled projects with tight deadlines to do in this time, at my fulltime office job.

Anyway I will try my best.




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  1. CaravanGuy July 19th, 2007 4:21 pm

    Im sure you will get there eventually, its all about trying to devote enough time to the cause in my opinion. If you have the time to get your sites ranked well with links and such as well as the obligatory content you cant really fail too badly. Keep it up and you should do just fine, I have :)

  2. soroush July 21st, 2007 3:46 am

    For some reason, SEO seems so natural to me and I can rank my sites well in search engines for nice keywords but my problem is mostly lack of free time.
    It’s funny that I don’t have the common problem of webmasters that is targeted traffic ! I get visitors for most of my projects but they mostly don’t have any suitable source of revenue!

  3. Jason Pearson January 27th, 2008 9:33 pm

    You know, it can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to reach deadlines at the same time reaching financial goals. I like what you said here at the end of your post about realizing you have been working on these deadlines and giving yourself permission to have made less in that respect. We have to keep reality in the forefront of our minds and that will help when trying to see why we didn’t make what we should have.

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