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Google is playing with Pagerank but still no confirmed pagerank update

Today there were some weird Pagerank stumble signs for some domains specially on the following Google datacenters:


The reported Pagerank change didn’t last long for me and they returned to the same previous number as they were within hours but still there are people experiencing same situation for some websites.

While still there is no confirmed news of toolbar pagerank update, chances are pretty high that toolbar Pagerank update occurs these days based on the timings taken from previous occurrences.

Since the actual Pagerank updates regularly and kind of on daily basis, this toolbar pagerank update will not affect the actual search engine ranking and it is just the time people can actually see the Pagerank Google assigned to their pages through the toolbar.

For people who care about PR, it is a really important time because it actually shows if the efforts they made were successful or not.

I’m also interested to see what will happen to my sites specially some of my site’s inner pages.

I will update the blog once I get a confirmed news.





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  1. Web Directory Blog July 29th, 2007 1:01 pm

    can I know how to check the pagerank and how do I know they are changing
    how to check in different DCs

  2. soroush July 30th, 2007 1:56 am

    There are a lot of sites doing this but personally I use and sometime you face there is a difference between reports given by different DCs but now everything seems normal for me again.

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