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Ebay Affiliation Program

Finally I have decided to put some time and effort to try eBay affiliation program but in a kind of unique way.

The basics will be to implement it on my domains with highly searched keywords and trying to optimize and rank them well specially on MSN search results.

Why MSN ?

Not because of number of searches, of course it is not comparable to Google but it is because there is no such stupid thing like Google’s sandbox preventing new sites to rank well and succeed because of age factor.

MSN gives the new domains and old ones, equal chance to succeed and the good news for me is that MSN ranking is highly based on keywords used in url, specially when used in domain name.

As I had good experiences with my previous attempts on optimization for MSN I don’t have much to lose, even if it doesn’t work, it is going to be a good SEO practice again LOL.

Currently I am thinking of two sites to start: ~13k searches a month based on OVT ~33k searches a month based on OVT

Let’s see how it goes.



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