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I have to give up!

Yes, you hear me right.

I really have to give up trying to hit my target, at least temporarily !

I’ve got a lot of side development freelance projects that need to be done, the revenue is great and around 20 times higher than what I wanted to reach but it really doesn’t make me satisfied.

My attempts to establish an automated business online, were not for money since I’ve never had financial problem due to kind of high salary full-time job I have and I always knew I can accept freelance projects but I don’t want to work forever and I don’t want to be limited physically that’s the fact I want to established an automated online business.

Anyways these days I am surrounded by deadlines and I barely have extra time to put my thoughts together and work on projects of mine so I have to give myself a break but don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have anything to do with Scriptbloggers ’cause this is my BLOG not BUSINESS.

Blogging has never been a business for me,… well can be but not for me. There are a lot of bloggers out there, started a blog, put a lot of time and effort gathering info, updating their blogs and promoting it to gain readers but simply after 4-5 months, they feel lost and disappointed then they break whatever they’ve created so far.

If there has been only one thing I’ve learnt while trying to establish my online living, that is “Patience“.  That’s the key most of the times.

Just as an example, CasinoNewbies could be considered as a complete failure but it’s hard to believe how many advertisement offers I received within last 7 days. Same about LiveProxies and even my young project “Allied Network Inc.” with its happy returning customers.

Ok so I will continue my slow but contiguous work on projects without setting any deadline till I found my situation good enough to meet a planned timeline.