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Google Pagerank Update

Finally it’s nice to see Google is updating the toolbar pagerank.

Yet, it’s not completely finished and the difference between different DCs can be seen which is the difference between the old value and the new one.

The result of this update for me wasn’t too disappointing ;)
Some of my site’s gained while some others lost! There are just a few of my websites kept the same Pagerank as before !

Anyway we all know that Google updates its Pagerank regularly and what happened recently is just a reflection of what Google already had on toolbar.

Here it goes:

  • up_arrow.gif 4 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 5 (was 0) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 2 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • Down 3 (was 4)
  • Down 4 (was 5)
  • Down 4 (was 5)

None of the ones which lost pagerank was unexpected. In fact I’m glad they lost only one point but regarding the other ones I’m really surprised and happy !

Who could have expected to see which I started Oct. 8th get a Pagerank or get Pagerank 5 !!!!

There seems to be a value in the links I put on scriptbloggers ’cause most of them gained a value more than what I expected.

Now I know the reason why I find,,, … in the first page for a lot of related search terms!

Now I think I’m really wasting my sites’ potential and should start using them in the best way I can.

Please note that I just checked all the Pageranks using and I’m just hoping it’s not a bug or mistake ;)


Search engines index update

As far as I experienced before, MSN was the fastest search engine in term of index update when it comes to new sites but I was surprised when I saw indexed in both Google and Yahoo but not at MSN !

Yahoo was fast enough but I couldn’t expect such a fast update from Google specially for a domain that is 15 days old !

Anyway I know that I can’t expect any stable good result from Google at least for 6-9 months but I will try my best to take advantage of the other two in this time.

This is another mini-project of mine which I started as a SEO practice and the goal is to gain good ranking for the term “Online Ads” which is searched 1202 times a month on yahoo according to Overture.

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I gave up but my sites didn’t!

Hi there,

After passing toughest stages of life -losing my brother – I’m trying to push myself back to life and as Pink Floyd’s great song “Coming back to life”.

After around 2 months since my last post I finally decided to come back and make myself busier with my sites, little by little and not as crazy as I used to be but seeing my sites doing much better than before gave me an extra will to work.

If you leave any business unattended, it falls and fails but my sites lived by their own and it’s exactly what I love about online business.

Besides earnings I had from Adsense, previous ad subscriptions and affiliate links, I received a lot of interest for advertisement on my different sites.

Checking Google Analytics showed me the reason! Traffic for most of my sites became double as they got unbelievable ranks in major search terms beside some links from high traffic forums.

I learned my lesson, PATIENCE is the key to success.

Now I really feel so confident about my SEO techniques so I adopted two new babies :) & and soon I will begin to use this SEO techniques for a whole new kind of project in Real Estate Industry!

I know I’m going crazy again but this time I’ll try to work more organized, step by step with less pressure.

Lets ROCK ;)



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