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A world full of bug !

I just don’t know what is going on but definitely something is wrong with big boys.

Here are some examples:

  • Yahoo mail, which I’ve been with for years, probably 10 years (since the beginning of their service) has been too slow and worst than that recently there were sensitive emails I never received and simply dropped! Which I’m sure they’ve been sent because they were from Paypal!
  • Overture keyword suggestion tool is down. Yes I know it was not maintained anymore by Yahoo but there isn’t absolutely any official news about taking it down.
  • Yahoo Mail keeps giving me a small tracking popup from doubleclick which is owned by Google !
  • Google webmaster tool is down and here is a screenshot. clicking on the link showed in the image also didn’t help and I get the same screen.

Google Sitemap is Down

Before, (I think a year ago) I had a similar post somewhere. The funny thing is that all the weird things happen at the same time :)

The fact is that using a free service you’re not allowed to complain because that’s free :-s


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To use or not to use “nofollow”

Well, today I found my blog is not using “nofollow” on links for comments! What a heaven for spammers but too bad I always check all comments manually one by one, even I know it takes time ;)

Thought about putting “nofollow” back into the code but I think it can be considered as a good incentive for readers to post a comment. Anyway scriptbloggers is a pagerank 4 blog with all original content with no ads on it and my previous experiences showed that links from it are highly effective in term of SEO, even not to mention its fare traffic and loyal readers.

I’m even thinking of putting the 5 recent commenters on the main page but not for now as it needs more investigation.

Let’s see how it goes.