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A world full of bug !

I just don’t know what is going on but definitely something is wrong with big boys.

Here are some examples:

  • Yahoo mail, which I’ve been with for years, probably 10 years (since the beginning of their service) has been too slow and worst than that recently there were sensitive emails I never received and simply dropped! Which I’m sure they’ve been sent because they were from Paypal!
  • Overture keyword suggestion tool is down. Yes I know it was not maintained anymore by Yahoo but there isn’t absolutely any official news about taking it down.
  • Yahoo Mail keeps giving me a small tracking popup from doubleclick which is owned by Google !
  • Google webmaster tool is down and here is a screenshot. clicking on the link showed in the image also didn’t help and I get the same screen.

Google Sitemap is Down

Before, (I think a year ago) I had a similar post somewhere. The funny thing is that all the weird things happen at the same time :)

The fact is that using a free service you’re not allowed to complain because that’s free :-s


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  1. Cheap HDTV December 20th, 2007 4:46 am

    ROFL- You know something, Google have never announced anything about its maintenance, so there is no shock about this and when it is like this with a major search engine everything is next to it, Right.

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