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Update on my search engine ranking

After my post here, I became so disappointed or better to say scared and thought I should start a new research while that’s really the last thing I need with these many incomplete projects, mostly relied on my SEO strategies. Not that it was the first time it happened but it has never been this bad.

Well, there was barely better news for me than seeing my sites backing up on Google results not as good as they were but still reasonable enough to keep me hopeful.

The fact is that I almost forgot my own most important SEO advice which is PATIENCE and really freaked out to the point I was going to leave everything and take a break from all my online projects. Honestly life is tough enough for me not to need anything extra on the top of it, but I think that could have been my most stupid decision ever which I would regret forever and thanks God it didn’t happen. :)

Anyway, back to our subject, thanks to Tim Linden who pointed me to RankTrend I now have a central place to keep track of my sites’ search engine rankings and the efforts I make to improve it. I haven’t tried the service yet but looking at its concept, reading the service description, it seems pretty useful and handy. This way at least you can easily see if the strategies you follow, help or hurt and whether to continue or change it.

Alright, I think that’s enough as an update and I should get back to work…




Dreamhost promo code and review

It has been more than 10 years now I’m in internet business and I’ve tried at least 50 different web hosting providers, shared, VPS and even dedicated servers.

The freedom and access you have on VPS (Virtual Private Server) and specially dedicated server is great and leaves you with almost no limit on what you want to do with your site, except some policies about some kind of websites, but most of the time the amount you pay might be more than what you really need for your site(s).

It’s always a good idea to check web host provider’s reviews and what other people say about them but it doesn’t always work that well because big hosting providers usually have hundreds of servers in different datacenters and networks, so someone’s experience might not be same as the others.

One of the best thing you should consider is the Money-back guarantee they provide so you can try the service by yourself without risk of being ripped off which is a great advantage.

About Dreamhost, as usual I searched for people reviews and found a lot of totally opposite reviews and opinions, some people believed Dreamhost SUCKS while some others say it ROCKS :D so that was when 97 days money-back guarantee they offer, helped me try it by myself and see how it works for me, while I still kept my backup plans somewhere else.

It has been more than a year I’m with Dreamhost and I should say except 2 times I’ve never had any major problems with them and their customer support. They really need a better ticketing system but that’s not an issue while you can always contact them or reply to them by email.

They don’t have Fantastico and Cpanel which made me kinda nervous at the beginning but after 2-3 days I found their control panel handy enough not to need any other tool. Their one-click installs have all scripts I needed from Fantastico and totally automated. The best thing about their Fantastico alternative is that it’s usually up-to-dated with the last version of the scripts to be installed OR to automatically upgrade your previously installed scripts.

One of the best things about them is their custom promo code generator which lets you make your own promo code and give others up to $50 discount.

I’ve created one with max. discount allowed so if you plan to sign up for their service, you can use the promo code “Scriptbloggers” without double-quotes and get $50 off your bill.

Anyway you can still enjoy using 97 days of money-back guarantee and request for a full refund if you didn’t like it.

Hope you like it!



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Bug in Google Adsense?

Today I was shocked when I checked my Google Adsense overview page, stating 55 clicks with 256 impressions!

Clicked on “top channels” and got the following page which shows an obvious mistake.
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Did Google change the algorithm?

I’m not sure but on Jan. 23rd 2008 something went wrong and a lot of my sites lost their hard gained Google rank for some competitive keywords.

One of them which was the 1st, can’t be found on first 5 pages now and most of the others also lost their rank significantly.

So what’s up?

My sites couldn’t get penalized because there is nothing wrong about them, also it can not be a result of a competition because they all went down in one day while they have no relation whatsoever. All I can think of is that the algorithm used by Google to sort the search results is changed and my site’s don’t do very well with the new algorithm.

I hope its temporary but if it’s really changed I have to consider some time to do research on the current top rank websites.

BTW, it will be much easier and more effective to analyze the result if I get some other samples beside my own, so if you’ve got similar stories with your site please share with us and together we can get into a new solution more quickly.

Again and as usual I’ll keep here updated so keep in touch.




Traffic dropped and Adsense backed to normal!

After the post I had here for some reason (which I can’t assume any relation to my post’s topic) the organic traffic for that domain dropped by 70% and it went down from 3rd spot to somewhere in second page for the major keyword it was getting its traffic from on Google.

Ironically the Adsense eCPM came back to normal or even I should be fair and say it got increased by 100% or so.

All I can say is that I’m confused but I’ll update here if I find more about it.

If anyone else knows more about such situation please do let me know.

Much appreciated,


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HUH? Post indexed in Google within 10 minutes ?!

My blog post indexed in 10 minutesI’ve had the experience of having my blog posts indexed in Google within an hour or two but 10 minutes is really amazing!

After submitting my previous blog post, I wanted to search and see if there is any other person, complaining with the same title and I couldn’t believe finding my own post, standing second in the list with a mark saying “10 minutes ago.”!

Checked other major search engines and still no sign of my recent post. So it completely changes my idea about search engines’ indexing speed which used to be Msn, Yahoo and then Google for me and now Google comes first.

But don’t get me wrong, still the Sandbox or Age factor should not be forgotten which keeps new websites from being indexed or gain higher ranks till they gain the required trust from Google.

Interesting, isn’t it?



This time Google indexed it in 5 minutesEDIT: LOL, I’ve beaten my own record. The post you’re currently reading got indexed within 5 minutes. Here is the screenshot ! I have nothing else to say other than Google Rocks at least in this particular case ;)


Google Adsense sucks big time!

Before I’ve had such a decision to remove it from all my websites ’cause it just drive me crazy sometimes and nothing else! Well, I removed it from my personal blog but still it is on some of my websites which will be removed shortly.

I hate the lack of transparency Google  provides for Adsense publishers. They charge advertisers whatever amount they bid and pay publishers who knows-percentage of the amount which sometimes is less than a cent/click which makes no sense.

From what I’ve experienced, optimizing ad spot and increasing CTR, reduces eCPM and CPC (Cost per click) which results in more valid clicks but same or even less amount earned for the ad publisher. Isn’t it funny ? They just earn more money while paying the same old amount to publishers.

Here is what I’ve tried several times and got the same result:

Put just one Adsense¬† ad on a mid-traffic website of mine in a not-very-good spot, getting 400-500 visits a day and ~6-10 clicks as an average, resulting in $0.60-$1 a day as average which is $0.10 a click. Added one more Ad spot in better position, getting 15-20 clicks a day resulting in $0.60-$1 a day ! Isn’t it funny or what ? :D

It has been years I have Adsense on a lot of my websites but in the recent 2 years they introduced a new term called “smartprice” which is pretty much same as I described above and is nothing more than cheating publishers without letting them know anything about what’s going on behind the scene.

I’m so glad that I don’t rely on them for a living and it’s just an experience for me, but for those who do, it’s a sad story.

Any similar or related experience ? Please share with us…




Yes! I finally won the auction…

So as I promised before, I’m gonna disclose the domain name that I won in Namejet’s auction mentioned here and here.

It might not be interesting to many of you but I’ve always had big hopes for a kind of website and this domain is just great for the purpose in my head, specially because it sits beside its sister in my domain collection :)

The domain name is which is pretty much clear what it is for but in case you haven’t realized yet, it is going to be a freelance marketplace specialized for php developers which is a huge market.

And the sister’s name is which is going to be a parallel freelance marketplace mostly for graphic design.

It might seems weird but I’ve done most of the programming work and customization based on wordpress API and hope to release it sometime soon but before that I have some higher priorities such as Allied Network Inc. phase 2 which should be done within next 10 days.

I will keep here updated how the process is going because I know it’s going to be beneficial for a lot of people out there.

Keep in touch,


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NameJet won the battle

If you’re new, here is the Beginning of the story

And yes! It looks like my assumption was correct!

5 O’clock in the evening and I received an email from Snapnames:

Registration attempts for back-ordered domain names were unsuccessful

Logged in to my account and checked my back-ordered domain list and the domain was still there with out-dated data.

14 minutes later got an email from NameJet with the following subject line:

NameJet Notice – Auction Start

Still haven’t received Pool’s failure email and it is still showing the old data but I will probably receive it soon.

I’m so glad I didn’t rely on Snapnames and like most people do and I’m hoping to win the current auction at the end ’cause I’ve been watching this domain for months.

I’ll disclose the name once it’s done ;)



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January 2008 Pagerank update

While it wasn’t expected, there seem to be a toolbar Pagerank update in progress which seems a bit different than the others.

It’s still too early to say if that’s stable or not but I can confirm a change in 2 of my domains, 3 to 2 and the other 4 to 5.

The strange thing about it, is that all datacenters seem to be changed together while it usually takes days for them to get synchronized.

Other noticeable effects: My internal pages and blog posts got Pr0 from NA but I’m sure it should be much higher than that so I can’t believe it as a real update.

I’ll keep here updated if I notice another major change in my sites.

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