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Ongoing Projects

I’ve decided to make a separate page and put my projects and their progress in it and keep it updated.

Currently open projects:

  • (Needs regular updates and SEO)
  • (Enable writers to post their articles for sale, directly)
  • (2008 new service)
  • (Make a forum using Vanilla)
  • (Script is installe, need design and promotion)
  • (1st Step is to install analytics as it’s getting traffic and I don’t know from where, then change it to wordpress and hire someone to keep it up-to-date.)
  • (Add new offers and remove the expired ones)
  • (Start an actionscript tutorial website)
  • (needs someone to update it regularly)
  • (Write/buy unique html tutorials)
  • (Start a CSS Guide website)
  • (Start a freelance marketplace specifically for design.)
  • (A rating system for article writers in DP)
  • (Start an automated search engine optimized condo-listing website)
  • (Add free webhosting providers)
  • (Change the script to VB and start promoting it)
  • (A forum posting freelance website)
  • (A freelance website around php)
  • (need links)
  • (start a soccer forum using Vanilla, phpbb)
  • (Start an online tv website)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post a page so that it gets indexed and passes the Sandbox period more quickly.)
  • (Start SEO for Christmas 2008)
  • (Forgot to renew the domain and I’ve lost it!!!)
  • (Put all unwanted domains for sale at
  • (Business list)
  • (Put a page to bypass the sandbox period.)
  • (A complete list of Restaurants and Bars)
  • (Start phase 2 the beta version)
  • (Make a freebie website)
  • (Freelance marketplace for PHP projects)

Ideas needed for:



  • (Phase 1)
  • (and its network in 2007)

OMG, Now that I have a list I realize why I run out of time everyday!

There are lots of other domains that I don’t know if I want to keep or sell so I haven’t listed them here.

I’ll keep the list updated.



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