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[WTB] Some spare time !?!

I wish I could post such a title on a forum and buy some time as 24 hours a day and 7 days a week doesn’t seem enough for me.

After some successful experiences, I had with some of my domain names and websites, again I’m passing the borders and adding hopeful ideas and domain names to my inventory.

While I’m still busy with my 2-3 years old websites, adding new ones is a some sort of craziness and waste of money but I just don’t want to regret not having them and again, there is an idea behind each one of them which is interesting enough not to get avoided.

Everyday I’m getting renewal reminders for my close to expiring domain names which I haven’t got any time to spend on them, even for putting an “under construction” page on them.

I was thinking of hiring some freelancers but that doesn’t work either because I need some time to manage the project and honestly I can’t trust anyone enough to leave the whole project fully unattended.

Anyway I have to recap all my projects, update my project list and their progress here to be able to set the priorities and follow them based on that, otherwise they will never be completed while I keep adding to them :) .

I also have to remember to keep this blog in my priority list :)

Please keep in touch, I desperately need some ideas and feedbacks :D


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