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Pool, Snapnames or NameJet

From what I’ve heard and what I experienced so far, the best place to back-order on an expiring domain name, depends on the registrar but this time I’m experiencing it closer than ever.

I’ve back-ordered on a domain name, releasing tomorrow, in all 3,, and websites.

The domain is registered at eNom so I think NameJet should have a better chance since eNom Auctions has been moved to but let’s judge after seeing the result.

So here the actual battle starts Pool vs. Snapnames vs. NameJet.

P.S. I’ve never had any success back-ordering on fairly good domains using Godaddy back-order service so I decided not to even mention it, let’s hope they won’t change the history by winning this competition tomorrow.

I will update this post after seeing the result. ( crossed my fingers ;) )

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  3. ssf May 17th, 2008 8:00 pm

    Expiring GoDaddy domains go to the TDNAM auctions, even if you backorder them. If you win that auction you get the name, if you don’t any of the name catchers can get it.

    But sometimes you luck out even and you can wait a week. They may have just “tasted” the domain.

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