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NameJet won the battle

If you’re new, here is the Beginning of the story

And yes! It looks like my assumption was correct!

5 O’clock in the evening and I received an email from Snapnames:

Registration attempts for back-ordered domain names were unsuccessful

Logged in to my account and checked my back-ordered domain list and the domain was still there with out-dated data.

14 minutes later got an email from NameJet with the following subject line:

NameJet Notice – Auction Start

Still haven’t received Pool’s failure email and it is still showing the old data but I will probably receive it soon.

I’m so glad I didn’t rely on Snapnames and like most people do and I’m hoping to win the current auction at the end ’cause I’ve been watching this domain for months.

I’ll disclose the name once it’s done ;)



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