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Yes! I finally won the auction…

So as I promised before, I’m gonna disclose the domain name that I won in Namejet’s auction mentioned here and here.

It might not be interesting to many of you but I’ve always had big hopes for a kind of website and this domain is just great for the purpose in my head, specially because it sits beside its sister in my domain collection :)

The domain name is which is pretty much clear what it is for but in case you haven’t realized yet, it is going to be a freelance marketplace specialized for php developers which is a huge market.

And the sister’s name is which is going to be a parallel freelance marketplace mostly for graphic design.

It might seems weird but I’ve done most of the programming work and customization based on wordpress API and hope to release it sometime soon but before that I have some higher priorities such as Allied Network Inc. phase 2 which should be done within next 10 days.

I will keep here updated how the process is going because I know it’s going to be beneficial for a lot of people out there.

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  1. Tim Linden January 25th, 2008 10:07 pm

    I just did the same thing. I was kinda disapointed because NameJet shows which domains had been bid on even though it’s a “private” auction. But in the end SnapNames won and I was the only bidder there (which makes me believe NameJet bidders bid only because I did)

    I think the registrar thing can help decide, but when you really really want that domain you are gonna go with as many auction sites as you can LOL

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