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Pool, Snapnames or NameJet

From what I’ve heard and what I experienced so far, the best place to back-order on an expiring domain name, depends on the registrar but this time I’m experiencing it closer than ever.

I’ve back-ordered on a domain name, releasing tomorrow, in all 3,, and websites.

The domain is registered at eNom so I think NameJet should have a better chance since eNom Auctions has been moved to but let’s judge after seeing the result.

So here the actual battle starts Pool vs. Snapnames vs. NameJet.

P.S. I’ve never had any success back-ordering on fairly good domains using Godaddy back-order service so I decided not to even mention it, let’s hope they won’t change the history by winning this competition tomorrow.

I will update this post after seeing the result. ( crossed my fingers ;) )

Check the comments and trackbacks…


Ongoing Projects page

Finally I’ve created the Ongoing Projects page!

The page, which should have been created months ago, if not years ago!

Even looking at that page and seeing how long is the list, freaks me out, not to mention the work involved in each of them and not to mention the domains I haven’t added.

I think I have the worst trio in my mind !  In love with programming, Addicted to registering domain names and skilled in Search Engine Optimization which all together cause non-stop sparks in my head even in the fields totally unrelated to mine.

May be if I had one more element added to them everything would be resolved ! Eager to earn money! It could prevent me from a lot of things I do and keep me in track but unfortunately or maybe fortunately I don’t have it :)

Earning money online is more like a hobby for me and I enjoy earning it while I can’t recall the last time I withdrew from my Paypal account because I usually spend 2 or 3 times more than that on my other online projects.

In the other hand, I’m so confident that one or more of these projects will take me somewhere else, in whole another level of life anytime soon.

Let’s see how it goes,


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Ongoing Projects

I’ve decided to make a separate page and put my projects and their progress in it and keep it updated.

Currently open projects:

  • (Needs regular updates and SEO)
  • (Enable writers to post their articles for sale, directly)
  • (2008 new service)
  • (Make a forum using Vanilla)
  • (Script is installe, need design and promotion)
  • (1st Step is to install analytics as it’s getting traffic and I don’t know from where, then change it to wordpress and hire someone to keep it up-to-date.)
  • (Add new offers and remove the expired ones)
  • (Start an actionscript tutorial website)
  • (needs someone to update it regularly)
  • (Write/buy unique html tutorials)
  • (Start a CSS Guide website)
  • (Start a freelance marketplace specifically for design.)
  • (A rating system for article writers in DP)
  • (Start an automated search engine optimized condo-listing website)
  • (Add free webhosting providers)
  • (Change the script to VB and start promoting it)
  • (A forum posting freelance website)
  • (A freelance website around php)
  • (need links)
  • (start a soccer forum using Vanilla, phpbb)
  • (Start an online tv website)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post a page so that it gets indexed and passes the Sandbox period more quickly.)
  • (Start SEO for Christmas 2008)
  • (Forgot to renew the domain and I’ve lost it!!!)
  • (Put all unwanted domains for sale at
  • (Business list)
  • (Put a page to bypass the sandbox period.)
  • (A complete list of Restaurants and Bars)
  • (Start phase 2 the beta version)
  • (Make a freebie website)
  • (Freelance marketplace for PHP projects)

Ideas needed for:



  • (Phase 1)
  • (and its network in 2007)

OMG, Now that I have a list I realize why I run out of time everyday!

There are lots of other domains that I don’t know if I want to keep or sell so I haven’t listed them here.

I’ll keep the list updated.



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[WTB] Some spare time !?!

I wish I could post such a title on a forum and buy some time as 24 hours a day and 7 days a week doesn’t seem enough for me.

After some successful experiences, I had with some of my domain names and websites, again I’m passing the borders and adding hopeful ideas and domain names to my inventory.

While I’m still busy with my 2-3 years old websites, adding new ones is a some sort of craziness and waste of money but I just don’t want to regret not having them and again, there is an idea behind each one of them which is interesting enough not to get avoided.

Everyday I’m getting renewal reminders for my close to expiring domain names which I haven’t got any time to spend on them, even for putting an “under construction” page on them.

I was thinking of hiring some freelancers but that doesn’t work either because I need some time to manage the project and honestly I can’t trust anyone enough to leave the whole project fully unattended.

Anyway I have to recap all my projects, update my project list and their progress here to be able to set the priorities and follow them based on that, otherwise they will never be completed while I keep adding to them :) .

I also have to remember to keep this blog in my priority list :)

Please keep in touch, I desperately need some ideas and feedbacks :D


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How to use “nofollow” on the links and what’s the point?

For sure it’s not something I want to do at least sometime soon but I see people searching it so I thought why not give them a walk-through guide on using “nofollow” on the links.

As most people know, Links or Hyperlinks are no longer only the way to transfer PEOPLE (VISITORS) from a webpage to another, but it has been used also to show a trust factor from your site or page to another (usually external) site/page in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

In the other word, linking from your site to another, shows a relation and kind of truest between yours and the other site and in some cases adds a value to the destination. BUT beside their constructive usages, links can also have negative effect on your site if you link to an inappropriate, totally non-related, not-acceptable, illegal or spammy website. The same negative effect will happen if you place so many external links on a page with not enough content and the page loses its rank and trust and might even be considered as a linkfarm and get penalized to the end of search results.

The concept of nofollow first was introduced when spammers turned their attention and SEO strategies on well ranked weblogs by leaving spammy comments containing their links with hopes to gain better ranks in search engines, while they actually could destroy all the hard work the blog owner have done to make a trusted highly ranked weblog because of the negative effect we’ve mentioned before.

To deal with this problem there was a new value/attribute added to traditional “<a href ” way of linking.

In this method links containing ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ would not carry any (or at least much) weight and not being considered as a relation between the site and the destination in the eyes of most search engines while it still does the same thing for your visitors.


<a href=””>Article Sale</a>

can carry some weight while the following link doesn’t or even if it does it’s minimum ;

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Article Sale</a>

How to make it automated in WordPress blogs to put nofollow on the links ?

Regarding the links within the comments, it’s already built-in in the new versions of WordPress to put nofollow on them BUT if your concern is about the commenter link, it should be taken care of by the template you use.

Most of the template use nofollow on the commenter link but some of them don’t! like the one I am using on Scriptbloggers :)

To add nofollow, you need to have some knowledge about WordPress templates since not all of them are the same but USUALLY the code you need to change is in comments.php:

Somewhere in that file you’ll find something similar to:

<a href=”<?php comment_author_url() ?>”><?php comment_author() ?> <?php comment_author_url() ?></a>

Well, all you need to do is to add rel=”nofollow” between “<a” and “href” . (DON’T COPY PASTE FROM HERE, IT MIGHT NOT WORK SO TYPE IT BY YOUR OWN PLEASE.)

I hope you’ve found it useful :)

As usual, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.



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Alternative options for Overture Keyword Selector Tool

As many of you know, Overture keyword selector tool located at “” without doubt, was one of the most useful tools (if not the most) for webmasters, domainers and SEO and SEM professionals for years, returning a useful and detailed report for free.

I was definitely one of the regular users enjoying this great free tool, but unfortunately it has been a while since Yahoo stopped maintaining it and it was up and down randomly, returning out-dated data. Anyway it has been weeks since I couldn’t even open the page and keep getting timeout error messages.

There has been rumors of Yahoo launching a new improved tool to replace it but a quick research in Yahoo’s official blog and other reliable sources didn’t give me any hope.

Searching Google for “overture keyword tool” gave me the old dead url and the same search in Yahoo gave me nothing but other people’s posts and articles about it. For sure if there was any plan to support it, it would be at the top of Yahoo search results but it isn’t, so I should probably give up and look for an alternative solution.

My quick research for a good alternative solution for keyword suggestion tool had the following result:

Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool seems the most popular one somehow the numbers doesn’t seem equal to overture results but still it’s a great tool to find the best keyword to optimize your site or your campaign for.

While the free tool is useful enough for some basic usages, the paid subscription gives out much more detailed information, saving a lot of manual research time and cost. Besides that they have a free trial so you can experience working with the paid version to see the differences.

The other tool that I’ve found useful is KeywordDiscovery‘s free service offered by a company called Trellian.

They also have a paid service and a SEO software which I haven’t tried yet but the description seems useful.

Also there is a comparison page of Wordtracker Vs. KeywordDiscovery (can be found here) and in that KeywordDiscovery seems much more featured than Wordtracker but I can’t judge till I try at least their trial version and compare it to the other one.

I’ll keep here updated,




Happy new year everyone!

Hi there,

Happy new year!

Hope 2008 will be a year full of Online and Offline success for all of us who try (including myself) ;)

After a long time finally I got the time to sit at my desk and do something other than WORK, either contract work or my own projects which have been pretty much faded!

God, I really missed blogging while I can’t really call myself a “blogger”! What a blogger who has 2 posts on December, 1 in November and 3 in October ? ahh, that sucks but hopefully things will get better soon, I’m positive…

Speaking about my projects, I said “pretty much faded” but not completely, because I finally managed to launch which is the state of the art in programming and efficiency, not mentioning its great idea and usefulness.

After being ripped off several times by people who call themselves “Article Writers” I felt the need for an article marketplace which you can see a sample of the articles before you pay for them, without days for the article to become ready !

This is what is all about.

Basically  I buy high quality prewritten articles in bulk and put them for sale on, then the first person who makes the payment using the Paypal button, will be the owner and the article will be removed from our store permanently :)

So if you ever needed content for your website, for article submission, SEO or any other purpose, it’s good to take a look at my new Article Marketplace :)

More than its idea, I love the coding I did for it, it’s 95% automated while I kept my faith in WordPress and used it as the framework.

Beside that I was mostly occupied by my work, full time and contracts which is anything but fun! (Well, sort of… specially when you get paid.)

Have fun,



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