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Affiliate marketing, Yes or No!

I know, I know, I know! You probably ask if there’s any question in it and 99% the answer is “YES” all in caps :)

I kept 1% reserved for me and people like me. Honestly that’s a hard question to be answered and a though decision to make!

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s one of the best ways to earn money online and there’s no limit ’cause practically there’s no limit in the products and services you can offer but it’s kinda far from being innovative, productive and what I consider being ME!

I’ve always been playing around for a long time looking at the ideas, unique services and helpful resources aiming to make my very own unique thing, either a product or service and so far I’ve done it so many times and it gives me such a great pleasure to see it works and people like it, but the fact is that I’m limited to a few services to offer while in affiliate marketing there’s barely a limit in most categories!

And when I want to expand the boundaries, situation gets worse, as it is now and I have to handle too many things at the same time which is not fun nor helpful.

Everytime I need a service which I can’t find a good one, I decide to start my own and that resulted in a two-page long incomplete project list which I have here.

So as usual I came to the same spot, affiliate marketing or my own business? Then if the answer is the second one, which project? And does it worth the time and effort?

I’ll give myself some time to find what I really want to do and which direction to choose.


I’m still alive!

Hi there,

Just a quick note to say I’m still alive but too busy with my off-line life to be able to do much online. To be honest I haven’t even checked my emails for more than a week now but it wasn’t unexpected and hopefully it will not last long. Soon I’ll be back to my regular online activity starting with some cool and exciting news.




Does Registerfly sell their customer’s info for spamming purposes?!

It’s a big legal issue and I can’t speak for sure ’cause it’s a big responsibility but I leave the judgment to the readers and wait to hear other similar situations to make sure. After all even if that’s true, I think there’s nothing we can do like all other spammers.

First of all I should say that I had some domains with Registerfly back in the days they were an accredited registrar because of their low prices and promotions. But when ICANN terminated their accreditation, I transferred my domains to other places like most of their other customers.

Anyway today I got 2 emails from them in my Yahoo mail account’s bulk folder, both exactly the same and indicating one of my domains with them is going to expire while after checking that domain I remembered that I’ve already transferred that domain somewhere else and renewed it till 2009. That wasn’t a big deal since that can be a bug in their script which still thinks my domain is registered with them and another bug in their email sender script caused the email to be sent twice BUT looking at my other received spam emails in the bulk folder something smells fishy.

Here is the screenshot:

Registerfly’s and the other spam emails in my Bulk folder

In fact the server which sent registerfly’s emails AND the one which  sent the other spam emails seem to be the same or at least with the same bug which caused the email to be sent twice!

Just checked the IP addresses the spam emails have been sent from and here are the results:

Both Registerfly emails were sent from so that’s why I can’t speak for sure that they were sent from the same server but considering the situation what you guys think ? Is it just an accident? :)