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Well, what can I put as the title when I haven’t done anything on the blog since Feb. 15th?!

All I can say is that I’ve been super busy and had lots of things going on in personal life putting me between online and offline life, but it’s not an excuse for someone with such high hopes, expectations and goals.

Anyway businesswise, things could be much better but I know it has never been perfect and it will never be.

  • Most of my sites got hacked and so far I couldn’t recover them all.
  • Scriptbloggers got spammed like crazy and it took me hours to clean up 105 pages of spam comments.
  • Upgrade to wordpress 2.5.0 caused a lot of incompatibility issues and caused some of my sites to go down till I found the solution.

The only site I’ve worked on since, was which keeps showing me its potentials.

To be honest I didn’t have plan to start writing on ScriptBloggers at least for a while till I get somewhere close to an automated business but reading some comments here was a great incentive and push.

I appreciate everyone’s time and feel responsible for that. As you all know, there is almost no ad of any kind on Scriptbloggers and there won’t be so the whole point of this blog is to teach, learn and discuss. I believe it’s real BLOGGING.

Oops I forgot to say Hi and now I can’t find a suitable place to put it :) Like most of my projects which I forget to set the checkpoints upfront and I end up with a messy situation.

Crossing fingures, I will start blogging again. Oh, I’ve already started :)

Keep in touch!



P.S. I’ve read this post 10 times already, playing with words and making it worse and worse. This is what happens when you don’t write for a while! I’m going to publish it this time, please be easy on me this time ;)

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