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Is DigitalPoint forum down?

I’m afraid so! If you’re one of the thousands of people who keep refreshing the browser with the hope to get on DP, I’m sorry to let you know that your internet connection is not the problem. DigitalPoint forums is currently down.

You want to check it yourself? Go to and type in the Quick Check box on the sidebar and click Check.

Make sure you’re not checking “” ’cause there is nothing wrong with that site. It’s only subdomain which is down and not the parent site.

Well, It’s not necessarily a bad thing! I’m already writing in my blog after 3 months (beside the post about ArticleSale launch.) instead of wasting my time reading all the posts in its marketplace to make sure I don’t miss any good deal.

Anyways, Just in case, if you’re here from a Google, searching for anything related to DigitalPoint being down, and you’re an article writer who use DP as the place to sell unique articles, you’ll probably find ArticleSale interesting, specially now that you have some time to spend on it :)

Have a great day.



A place to buy and sell articles for free

After getting ripped off several times and wasting hundreds of dollars, trying to find high quality unique articles, either for my websites or to submit to article directories, I came up with the idea of an Article Marketplace where article writers can put their articles for sale and make their own portfolio, selling unique pre-written articles, while building their reputation by a feedback system. Buyers should be able to see a sample part of the article and know who they are dealing with. They also need to be assured that they will receive the article after making the payment.

Well, all these thoughts and ideas led to my “state of the art” project, ArticleSale which is now open to public, 100% free for both buyers and sellers.

Nothing complicating! Writers, sign up with their PayPal email. They post the article, specify the price and category and the system automatically calculates the word-count, also takes care of the sales and the delivery of the article. It also generates the code for a button for the author to advertise the article elsewhere. When someone clicks on the purchase button, the system puts a hold on the article, so that nobody can buy it while someone else is in the process of the payment for it, then when the payment is done, it sends the article to the payers email address, notifies the seller and removes the article from the store.

Beside the article itself, there is a special link sent in the email to the buyer. That is the link, allowing the buyer to leave feedback for the seller. This way, after a while, the writers can gain more trust by referring people to their profile at ArticleSale as a reference.

comments and feedbacks will be highly appreciated.