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Video game industry is getting bigger and bigger. With so many games out every week it’s so hard to keep up-to-date at least for an ordinary casual gamer. There is a serious need to filter games and find the ones you are interested and the ones you are not. The game description doesn’t really say anything and the game trailer is usually made from cut-scenes which are anything but similar to the game. To be fair, I should say some game developers made this issue a little easier by releasing free playable demos available to download but again it’s not fun downloading 1GB of data, installing it only to try a limited version specially when there is a chance you may not find the game interesting.

So as a casual gamer facing these problems I thought launching a new site covering game reviews and posting videos of actual gameplay (without being affiliated with any game company of any kind) can be a useful to most video gamers. Most importantly I couldn’t start this site by myself so when my semi-hardcore gamer friend, Mike, gave me the green light I didn’t wait even one day. (and honestly he’s been on fire since the site’s launch.)

So with no further unnecessary description, here is Gameplay Reviews, More about Mike and’s youtube channel.

As usual feedbacks and suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated.