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Press Release through

It’s a shame that I’ve been working as an SEO consultant and I’ve never used any kind of Press Release for my own websites. I always preferred to do article submissions as opposed to PR and the reason was I never wanted to spend money on it but sooner or later I had to give it a try so finally yesterday, I did it.

As the first experiment, I chose to publish and distribute my Press Release.

Well, the domain name says “Free” and you can choose to publish it for free but if you want to get real results you have to bid on your placement which caused me to spend a good amount of money on it.

Now, it’s close to 24 hours my PR page is up there but it hasn’t been indexed by Google which makes me thinking I did my first mistake by choosing the wrong publisher.

For now, I don’t want to post a link to my press release here, not to boost its indexing process and keep it on its own so that I can have a pure natural experience.

I’ll keep here updated so that others without PR experience won’t do the same mistake as mine.



UPDATE (March 5, 2009): After more than 36 hours, my post still hasn’t been picked up by Google which isn’t a good sign. Looks like spammers are faster than Google and they’ve already picked up my email address and started spamming it.

Anyways, I’ve scheduled the same PR to be distributed on PRWeb tomorrow. Hopefully that one shows better results.
UPDATE (March 7, 2009): Today, after more than 3 days, finally the PR submitted to Free-Press-Release was indexed and showed up in Google. The one submitted to PRWeb showed up in Yahoo news within 4 hour. Now it’s obvious to me which one was a better investment.


Dynadot is down, Yahoo! mail is down and I’m going crazy!

UPDATE: Well, I guess by now, everybody knows that Dynadot is back up after more than 36 hours of downtime, that’s a good thing but I still can’t believe they have just left it with no announcement, no explanation and no apology like it has never happened! I could understand if it was 2-3 hour downtime but 36 hours isn’t something you can ignore. I still can’t accept a hardware failure could bring Dynadot down for such a long time.

The file system on our main server was corrupted, probably due to a hardware failure. It took us this entire time to rebuild our servers from the backups.

A Dynadot staff said on their forum. (Source)

It took them the whole time to recover the data from the backups? This means they don’t have proper RAID or fault-tolerance system which means the same situation or even 10 times worse can happen any time.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Dynadot’s customer service. They said that there was a hardware problem which brought the site down and they are trying to get it fixed this evening. On the side note I should say they actually picked up the phone! No answering machine or anything which is amazing!

UPDATE: I can’t believe Yahoo’s problem was only for the “All-New Mail” and when I switched to “classic mail” everything is back to normal!

I feel bad not posting anything interesting here and it looks like Scriptbloggers is becoming the status report of what site “is down” blah blah blah!

Well, I think I’m a domainer more than a blogger and when I face the following error message for more than 16 hours when trying to go to my main domain registrar where hundreds of my domains sit I become stressed and pretty much miserable:

This stress becomes 10 times worse when I can’t even log into my mailbox at Yahoo! Mail:

Well, I can only hope that it’s nothing serious (with Dynadot) but anyways there is nothing I can do and I guess I have to live with that :)

Thank God Scriptbloggers is up and running…


Alternative options for Overture Keyword Selector Tool

As many of you know, Overture keyword selector tool located at “” without doubt, was one of the most useful tools (if not the most) for webmasters, domainers and SEO and SEM professionals for years, returning a useful and detailed report for free.

I was definitely one of the regular users enjoying this great free tool, but unfortunately it has been a while since Yahoo stopped maintaining it and it was up and down randomly, returning out-dated data. Anyway it has been weeks since I couldn’t even open the page and keep getting timeout error messages.

There has been rumors of Yahoo launching a new improved tool to replace it but a quick research in Yahoo’s official blog and other reliable sources didn’t give me any hope.

Searching Google for “overture keyword tool” gave me the old dead url and the same search in Yahoo gave me nothing but other people’s posts and articles about it. For sure if there was any plan to support it, it would be at the top of Yahoo search results but it isn’t, so I should probably give up and look for an alternative solution.

My quick research for a good alternative solution for keyword suggestion tool had the following result:

Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool seems the most popular one somehow the numbers doesn’t seem equal to overture results but still it’s a great tool to find the best keyword to optimize your site or your campaign for.

While the free tool is useful enough for some basic usages, the paid subscription gives out much more detailed information, saving a lot of manual research time and cost. Besides that they have a free trial so you can experience working with the paid version to see the differences.

The other tool that I’ve found useful is KeywordDiscovery‘s free service offered by a company called Trellian.

They also have a paid service and a SEO software which I haven’t tried yet but the description seems useful.

Also there is a comparison page of Wordtracker Vs. KeywordDiscovery (can be found here) and in that KeywordDiscovery seems much more featured than Wordtracker but I can’t judge till I try at least their trial version and compare it to the other one.

I’ll keep here updated,




To use or not to use “nofollow”

Well, today I found my blog is not using “nofollow” on links for comments! What a heaven for spammers but too bad I always check all comments manually one by one, even I know it takes time ;)

Thought about putting “nofollow” back into the code but I think it can be considered as a good incentive for readers to post a comment. Anyway scriptbloggers is a pagerank 4 blog with all original content with no ads on it and my previous experiences showed that links from it are highly effective in term of SEO, even not to mention its fare traffic and loyal readers.

I’m even thinking of putting the 5 recent commenters on the main page but not for now as it needs more investigation.

Let’s see how it goes.




Big boys do make mistakes …


Three days ago I wasted some money on Adwords because I forgot to set daily budget limit for a keyword test drive I wanted to do that ended up with a shocking view when I logged in the next day and saw the cost column of this stupid test campaign (Not so much but still didn’t worth it). I was blaming myself how careless I am blah blah blah till I saw this ad and now I feel better because I realized even big boys like Dell do make mistakes :) Click on the thumbnail and you will realize what I am talking about.

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My new hope,

First of all I do apologize not being able to keep my word on updating scriptbloggers on daily basis.

I don’t want to complain but this week I got into family related issues that caused my time to be fully packed.

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned about as my new online business.

In general AlliedNetworkInc. is a network of Pageranked blogs (Currently 12 Pr4/3 blogs), ready to host your article or review with links back to your site. Its mission is to increase your site’s link popularity and boost your search engine ranking.

For a very small fee, people can have their article with 3 links back to their site, permanently on a network of Pageranked blogs to increase their link popularity resulting in higher Google Pagerank and improved Technorati rank. (See how this network decreased ScriptBloggers’ Technorati rank to 249,330)

AlliedNetworkInc has been started as an independent network but it is going to be the central point for selling link/ad-space on my other sites. (i.e. )

I have some other Pr6/5 blogs that will be added to this network very soon.

Hopefully this weekend I am going to launch some new services and will have more updates on




Free Ads ?

Yes, free Ads but not for advertisers, its what publishers get… next to nothing !

Adsense I mean, everyday it’s getting worse and today I see 7 clicks on one of my Adsense channels with $0.03 earning ! Less than half a cent a click. LOL

Just wondered how can I advertise on someone else’s website with such a low Cost Per Click ? Doesn’t matter which niche or keyword is it, I would love to put my ads on it with such a price.

It’s not fair, I started removing it from my popular site’s one by one and testing some CPA based ads as obviously these revenues won’t get me anywhere.

I will keep here updated.



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College or NOT to succeed online

I’m interested in hearing peoples opinions on whether you think college’s such as Collins Art School can play a major role in a web developers success. I for one have been to University for three years, infact i’ve just finished and at the moment i feel that i could of done just aswell without it in the online business – that doesn’t mean i didn’t need to go to college to do what i want ‘offline’.

Why do i think College is not necessary to succeed online? – Firstly information about blogging, marketing of websites ect.. is very rarely discussed in college unless it’s a very specific type of course, perhaps a subsection of a module would skim the surface lightly. Today to succeed in the online business of affiliate’s and PPC you need knowledge and this can be obtained from one place. Yes the internet!

This is just a small introductory post to a new blogseries here at scriptbloggers which discusses various Educational aspects of blogging.


Blog back online

Well it’s been a while since scriptbloggers was taken offline due to the fact that i had so much on i thought it would be best to close it down for a while and start back up with a new design and some fresh content. I’ll be adding some old content to the site that i think will benefit some readers.

Welcome back to any readers that previously took an active roll in the scriptbloggers blog and i hope you enjoy the new site as i will be updating the website everyday with some great content.

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