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Affiliate marketing, Yes or No!

I know, I know, I know! You probably ask if there’s any question in it and 99% the answer is “YES” all in caps :)

I kept 1% reserved for me and people like me. Honestly that’s a hard question to be answered and a though decision to make!

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s one of the best ways to earn money online and there’s no limit ’cause practically there’s no limit in the products and services you can offer but it’s kinda far from being innovative, productive and what I consider being ME!

I’ve always been playing around for a long time looking at the ideas, unique services and helpful resources aiming to make my very own unique thing, either a product or service and so far I’ve done it so many times and it gives me such a great pleasure to see it works and people like it, but the fact is that I’m limited to a few services to offer while in affiliate marketing there’s barely a limit in most categories!

And when I want to expand the boundaries, situation gets worse, as it is now and I have to handle too many things at the same time which is not fun nor helpful.

Everytime I need a service which I can’t find a good one, I decide to start my own and that resulted in a two-page long incomplete project list which I have here.

So as usual I came to the same spot, affiliate marketing or my own business? Then if the answer is the second one, which project? And does it worth the time and effort?

I’ll give myself some time to find what I really want to do and which direction to choose.


Ebay Affiliation Program

Finally I have decided to put some time and effort to try eBay affiliation program but in a kind of unique way.

The basics will be to implement it on my domains with highly searched keywords and trying to optimize and rank them well specially on MSN search results.

Why MSN ?

Not because of number of searches, of course it is not comparable to Google but it is because there is no such stupid thing like Google’s sandbox preventing new sites to rank well and succeed because of age factor.

MSN gives the new domains and old ones, equal chance to succeed and the good news for me is that MSN ranking is highly based on keywords used in url, specially when used in domain name.

As I had good experiences with my previous attempts on optimization for MSN I don’t have much to lose, even if it doesn’t work, it is going to be a good SEO practice again LOL.

Currently I am thinking of two sites to start: ~13k searches a month based on OVT ~33k searches a month based on OVT

Let’s see how it goes.



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My existing projects need attention

I’m usually good at starting a whole new idea doing all the hard parts and then leaving it AS IS in the worst time, when everything is 95% done, and I get busy to start other interesting ideas. I think I can make some automated cash flow doing small modifications on some of the current websites I have.

BulgariaHiTech gets really good rankings on Google for most of my new posts within a day and even in competitive terms, and I think I’m crazy not using its potentials as it can be a perfect source of income through affiliate marketing. This is going to be my first priority in the following week. I will keep here updated.

LiveProxies was a project of mine I started March 23rd 2007 without any commercial thought and just as a coding, wp modification and SEO practice. WordPress did the miracle and a few days later I was facing a reasonable amount of traffic coming from search engines specially MSN so I opened the site for proxy owners to submit their site for free even without link-back since I didn’t care about Google and the Pagerank I may lose. Process of reviewing and approving the site was a little time-consuming but it was ok since I had 2-3 submissions a day that could take a couple of minutes every week so not a big deal. But little by little as the site’s traffic increased, proxy owners found it as a good source of traffic and it is getting ~15 submissions a day as an average.

Two months ago I tried selling sponsored result (top 3 spot) at a fixed monthly/weekly price and it was successful with mostly happy advetisers but it requires me to manually add the advertiser’s link and remove them once their listing expire and re-market the spot for sale and this is the part I’m not good at.

Now that the site has enough visitors and advertisers I’m thinking to implement a PPC system to add/remove/rank advertisers based on their available funds and bid and I think this is the best way for both parties, me and advertisers.

Today I made the first step and added a click counter and soon will add the rest of requirements. Hope it will work.

SudokuDay was another project I started a year ago, did all the difficult part of php programming but again put it aside till May 2007. A little work made it a daily semi-automated Sudoku generator and because of its frequent updates it started getting targeted traffic from search engines but there are some minor but important features missing.

1- A timer as most of Sudoku players prefer to see the time spent to resolve the puzzle.

2- PDF generator as there are people interested to print the daily puzzle and use it offline.

I’m hoping to add these two features early this week.

Keep in touch.Cheers,



Surprise, It’s Finally Launched

Hi there,

For two years I was about doing this project, thought and tested different methods and finally it’s launched and seems to work perfect.

My 2 years olds idea finally is born.

I request you all to take a look and let me know your ideas.

It’s fully functional, just need some more data entry and text edits that I will be doing.

I really need your ideas to improve this service and I think it can be so useful.

Currently I’m just working to improve the search functionality.



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