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A new kind of SPAM!

I can’t stop laughing since I saw this spam comment on one of my posts at Scriptbloggers.

to: Admin – If You want to delete your site from my spam list, please visit this site for instructions:

Out of curiosity I checked the website mentioned above and it made me laugh even harder:

And submitting the form results in the following message: (Obviously I’m not stupid enough to use real information!)

Thanks! You will no longer receive messages with advertising from us.

See! Getting rid of spam has never been this easy!

… And I lived, spam-free happily ever after. :)


Flash Countdown for LittleBigPlanet Launch Date

The little Sackboy can’t wait!

Since there hasn’t been any official word about the new release dates, this countdown timer is currently based on Nov. 4th taken from
If you like it, here is the link to the LBP countdown timer page containing the code you can use on your own website and tips to customize it.


LittleBigPlanet, the next generation of gaming industry

I know, it seems too off-topic for this blog to host posts about video games and it’s too strange for me to write them but with such masterpiece like Little Big Planet (or LBP) I can’t resist! But wait, it has something to do with topics in blog! If the concept “Making Money” sounds interesting keep reading!

If you’re not familiar with this “game”, the short description is a wicked PS3 game which everything is customizable by user, and the objects simply follow physics rules. There is no crazy complex built-in machine but you can use your creativity to make something useful out of simple tools and then publish it for public use!

I put the word game in double-quotes sometimes because I can’t really consider it only as a game! Let’s put it this way; Is “second life” a game? hmm, yes but for some people it’s much more than a game!

In LBP, you may be able to create custom levels with useful tools and cool prizes and even charge people interested for downloading them but first you have to get approved, which takes some time and work but it can totally worth the effort. 

Anyway I decided to create and dedicate another blog for it, so if you’re interested checkout my new LittleBigPlanet blog which follows news, updates, ideas and anything cool about this awesome game.

The game is not out yet and hopefully will be released Oct. 2008, so there’s still time to plan but sooner the better, considering its potentials.


Possibility of a bug in WordPress 2.6


For a long time I was wondering why I’m not getting comments on my new posts on Scriptbloggers while I could see people submitting comments, by looking at my stats and today I found a terrible bug which I’m going to report, hopefully it will be fixed, but I apologize if I’ve deleted your comments due to this stupid bug!

Here is the situation:

How do you deal with pages of comments? It’s relatively easy, you just log in to your admin panel, go to the comments section and click on “Awaiting Moderation” tab, then it shows all the comments waiting for your approval with pagination and each page contains 20 (I repeat; 20) comments. In my case they were mostly spam, so what I used to do was to review the page to make sure all of them are spam and click on the check-box beside the word “comment” which will check-mark all the individual check-boxes for the comments in that page and I click on “Delete” because marking them as spam is waste of MySQL resources.

Here is an image showing what I used to do in sequence:

As you see there were 1,457comments and I check-marked 20 of them and clicked on Delete, now take a look at the next screenshot:

How many comments? 1,432! That means 25 comments were removed while 5 of them were in the next page which I haven’t got the chance to review them! So this way you’re actually deleting 20% of the comments without reviewing.

I tried checking all the boxes on a page manually and it worked as expected, causing exactly 20 comments to be removed.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up so that you won’t miss valuable comments.

Now I’m going to report the bug in and hopefully it will be fixed soon :)


Spam comments are down to 12 a day!

OMG! I can’t describe how great it feels to log in to my admin panel and see only 12 comments waiting for approval! I’m not trying to blame my own faults on anything else but high volume of spam comments were one of the reasons I got frustrated and kinda slowed down working on the site and maintaining it which then resulted in the whole tragic story of getting hacked and its side effects.

When I compare my blog with some of my friends’ blogs, I see I’m getting 10 times more spam than most of them and I see the reason in not using “no follow” for the external links which I’ve already discussed here.

I still believe in not using it on Scriptbloggers to give more value and show some appreciation to valuable comment authors but if you are planning to do the same, you have to accept the spam flood as a result.


No comments

Tired of spam, had to sacrifice the Pingbacks

It was so frustrating to review and moderate more than 300 comments a day containing 99.9% spam, only because of the possibility of losing a few real comments.
Since at least 95% of those spam comments were actually trackbacks and not comments, using CAPTCHA or other human confirmation methods didn’t help.
So the only way for me was to disable pingbacks and trackbacks in WordPress settings but it only works for the new posts and has no effect on the old ones which are the target of most attacks.
I had to edit all the posts, one by one and remove the check-mark beside “Allow Pings” which is just too much to do! So here is the tiny little MySQL query that does the magic:
UPDATE wp_posts SET `ping_status`='closed';
TADAAA! It disabled the ping_status for all the posts.

I know I won’t receive pingbacks but I think it worth an extra an hour a day I will save by not going through spam comments. Now I can spend more time doing something more creative on scriptbloggers.


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