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Dreamhost promo code and review

It has been more than 10 years now I’m in internet business and I’ve tried at least 50 different web hosting providers, shared, VPS and even dedicated servers.

The freedom and access you have on VPS (Virtual Private Server) and specially dedicated server is great and leaves you with almost no limit on what you want to do with your site, except some policies about some kind of websites, but most of the time the amount you pay might be more than what you really need for your site(s).

It’s always a good idea to check web host provider’s reviews and what other people say about them but it doesn’t always work that well because big hosting providers usually have hundreds of servers in different datacenters and networks, so someone’s experience might not be same as the others.

One of the best thing you should consider is the Money-back guarantee they provide so you can try the service by yourself without risk of being ripped off which is a great advantage.

About Dreamhost, as usual I searched for people reviews and found a lot of totally opposite reviews and opinions, some people believed Dreamhost SUCKS while some others say it ROCKS :D so that was when 97 days money-back guarantee they offer, helped me try it by myself and see how it works for me, while I still kept my backup plans somewhere else.

It has been more than a year I’m with Dreamhost and I should say except 2 times I’ve never had any major problems with them and their customer support. They really need a better ticketing system but that’s not an issue while you can always contact them or reply to them by email.

They don’t have Fantastico and Cpanel which made me kinda nervous at the beginning but after 2-3 days I found their control panel handy enough not to need any other tool. Their one-click installs have all scripts I needed from Fantastico and totally automated. The best thing about their Fantastico alternative is that it’s usually up-to-dated with the last version of the scripts to be installed OR to automatically upgrade your previously installed scripts.

One of the best things about them is their custom promo code generator which lets you make your own promo code and give others up to $50 discount.

I’ve created one with max. discount allowed so if you plan to sign up for their service, you can use the promo code “Scriptbloggers” without double-quotes and get $50 off your bill.

Anyway you can still enjoy using 97 days of money-back guarantee and request for a full refund if you didn’t like it.

Hope you like it!



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Ongoing Projects

I’ve decided to make a separate page and put my projects and their progress in it and keep it updated.

Currently open projects:

  • (Needs regular updates and SEO)
  • (Enable writers to post their articles for sale, directly)
  • (2008 new service)
  • (Make a forum using Vanilla)
  • (Script is installe, need design and promotion)
  • (1st Step is to install analytics as it’s getting traffic and I don’t know from where, then change it to wordpress and hire someone to keep it up-to-date.)
  • (Add new offers and remove the expired ones)
  • (Start an actionscript tutorial website)
  • (needs someone to update it regularly)
  • (Write/buy unique html tutorials)
  • (Start a CSS Guide website)
  • (Start a freelance marketplace specifically for design.)
  • (A rating system for article writers in DP)
  • (Start an automated search engine optimized condo-listing website)
  • (Add free webhosting providers)
  • (Change the script to VB and start promoting it)
  • (A forum posting freelance website)
  • (A freelance website around php)
  • (need links)
  • (start a soccer forum using Vanilla, phpbb)
  • (Start an online tv website)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post on monthly basis)
  • (Post a page so that it gets indexed and passes the Sandbox period more quickly.)
  • (Start SEO for Christmas 2008)
  • (Forgot to renew the domain and I’ve lost it!!!)
  • (Put all unwanted domains for sale at
  • (Business list)
  • (Put a page to bypass the sandbox period.)
  • (A complete list of Restaurants and Bars)
  • (Start phase 2 the beta version)
  • (Make a freebie website)
  • (Freelance marketplace for PHP projects)

Ideas needed for:



  • (Phase 1)
  • (and its network in 2007)

OMG, Now that I have a list I realize why I run out of time everyday!

There are lots of other domains that I don’t know if I want to keep or sell so I haven’t listed them here.

I’ll keep the list updated.



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Jiosis acquires Scriptbloggers !

Interesting News, as hot as “SDL acquires Tridion” ! (LOL)

Well, I’m sure it won’t be too far since I already have my plans to create a huge internet empire using the experience I gained through years.


Hello, My name is Soroush and I’ve purchased this blog from Chris recently since I found a lot of similar goals with him as stated on his last post.

I have a network of 50-54 incomplete sites, waiting for my attention for years but this network is getting bigger every month without a real success as I start projects before finishing the previous one and it’s the most annoying habit of mine.

I was in needed of a central place to put all my project’s progress, goals, testings methods and success stories to be discussed and even used by others since I’ve learned a lot from people on the net and this was my major reason to purchase this wonderful blog.

In the end, I hope this blog to be useful for everyone as well as me.



P.S. Jiosis is absolutely a name without any meaning ! This was my company name for years and I’ve used it as an internet nickname so if you google it, you won’t find anything else rather than information related to myself and my previous company.

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What are my goals for 2007

Well the scriptbloggers website has only been up for a couple of weeks so it’s time that i set out some specific goals that i am determined to reach. I have already started making a small yet profitable amount of money from this blog although that is not my main concern at all.

The things i want to achieve:

  • Get at least a 100,000 alexa rank within 6months. (currently 519,000)
  • Repeat that for Technolarity rankings (currently 780,000)
  • Increase earnings from Scriptbloggers to atleast $300 a month (currently under $100)

These goals i don’t think are very high but at the moment it’s what i would be happy at reaching although i do expect to surpass these with some extra work going into the blog. As per usual i will be reporting back on the techniques i used to achieve this.

So what do you have to look forward to?

  • Various articles discussing blogging and education
  • Some free web scripts to use on your site (or create your own site with)
  • Free clipshare templates for clipshare pro 2.0 (this is a youtube clone that im a designer for)
  • New projects to compliment the Ebay Affiliate Program and Advertising Network experiments
  • Discuss the techniques i used to get listed on one of the top blogs in the industry
  • Various other Blog Networking techniques

Plus alot more! (when i’ve thought of it.) ;)


TextAd Experiment – ItPays

First Week!

Since the start of google contextual ads there have been many that want to follow in the footsteps of the powerhouse advertiser. In response to this i will be running various text ads across my blog in an attempt to test these solutions out and i will be reporting everything back to you.

The lucky Guinea pig for the first round are text ad service and if their websites anything to go by i’m not too hopeful for this network. However, this experiment is fair and based on how much potential money can be made so i will be testing as many Text advertising networks as i possibly can, whats different? – is keyword based and doesn’t have anything to do with your content.

ItPays is the first to step onto the scriptbloggers site as there has been a couple of complaints by ItPays customers regarding payouts while ItPays continue to defend itself claiming that the clicks where fraudulent. Stay tuned for the real review in a few days!

Signing up for gives you $30 free advertising credit!


Ebay affiliate project

Welcome to the Ebay affiliate Project, here i will keep you up to date with all the important news regarding this project.

04/04/2007 Introduction: Ebay affiliate script project powered by build a niche store

Check back soon for more information!

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ebay affiliate script project

Making money with ebay is easy if you can generate the traffic to gain a good ROI, although the investment is pretty low the rates inwhich ebay award an affliate are also low. However there is a new software script called buildanichestore which is fast becoming the best ebay affiliates script on the market because of it’sactive community and excellent support.

Whats the ebay affiliate script project?

The ebay affiliate script project using the buildanichestore script is an experiment inwhich i have setup twelve webstores using the ebay affiliate software, the stores can be broken down into 2 main categories – remember this is an experiment so there will be alot of different variables as we seek out the best niche and product range for your store.

The ebay affiliate script project breakdown.

  • 12 web stores online
  • 6 web stores are on their own domain, the other 6 are folders of a main domain
  • 3 web stores are showing the ‘ebay’ logo to identify the store as an ebay affiliate
  • Each website covers a different niche from the ebay catalogue
  • 3 web stores contain unique article content written by myself
  • Every store also contains auctionads to compliment the ebay listings
  • Every store also contains google adsense

To recap the ebay affiliate script project powered by buildanichestore implements three types of income; google adsense, ebay affiliate through Commission Junction and auction ads by shoemoney.

The websites are now setup and i am waiting for search engines to start crawling the stores, i have some serious doubts about google as i suspect it will put the majority of sites in the Supplemental results index, but the sites that contain unique content will rank much better – this is all part of the experiment.

Reporting on the ebay affiliate script project

This project i plan to run for several months (3months atleast) – the reason for this is although results can be achieved sooner inorder to witness the real impact you need to take the average of a an extended period of time as earnings are going to fluctuate alot.

Each week i shall provide traffic details aswell as search engine statistics but at the moment i will keep the niche’s and website URL’s secret. I intend to reveal them closer to the end of the experiment – the reason for this is that i know visitors will take a look at the site without the desire to buy anything and this will inturn ruin the click through rate and the sales per visit ratio which i feel is important to monitor when starting off.

How can you get involved?

Join me in the experiment! simply visit buildanichestore and signup for the software. Next you will need somehosting. I am currently using Cirtexhosting and it costs around $4 a month – yeh it’s really cheap and works pretty well for the price.

Ask some questions in the comment section or contribute your own experiences using similar scripts.

- The next detailed update of the ebay affiliate script project will be in a weeks time, (although i will post mid week updates) sosubscribe to my feedburner at the top right handside of this page.


The purpose of Chris’s Cash

As the new scriptbloggers blog opens once again we have broadened our scope of discussion.  The blog once was the focus of money making techniques using the popular clonescript clipshare.  But since Clipshare has a lack of understanding for the needs of it’s customers the blog has been changed to focus on many different scripts available on the net.

I will be setting up and testing these scripts over a year in an effort to see what the results are, how well search engines react to these turnkey websites and how much earning potential they can achieve.

Scriptbloggers is in a subniche of the money making and website niche so if you enjoy scripts and making money this is the place to stay tuned to.

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Blog back online

Well it’s been a while since scriptbloggers was taken offline due to the fact that i had so much on i thought it would be best to close it down for a while and start back up with a new design and some fresh content. I’ll be adding some old content to the site that i think will benefit some readers.

Welcome back to any readers that previously took an active roll in the scriptbloggers blog and i hope you enjoy the new site as i will be updating the website everyday with some great content.

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I forgot to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Soroush, I’m 26 and I believe I have great ideas but so far, I wasn’t lucky Organized enough to be successful.

This is the main reason why I got this blog; It keeps me organized while it can be a good reference for you while the discussions can be beneficial for both of us.

Currently I’m at the middle of 50-55 website projects, living in Canada and being a full time employee, I barely have enough time to work during the week and the only way for me is to keep them in line and work on two or three of them on weekends while keeping them all in mind.

Ok, what do I mean by saying Successful?

I love traveling and staying in other places for a while so I don’t like my work to make me restricted staying and living in Toronto so I’m trying to make a reliable income from my sites, quite my current job and start my dream world with my wife, this is the meaning of Success for me.

That’s not a hard thing to do just needs me to focus on it and stay organized.

A year and half ago I started a whole new idea, 3 months work resulted in a perfect money maker website generating $500 a month with Alexa rank 32,000 after 2nd month from start. I was getting close to my goals but was forced to sell it due to some personal problems.

I sold it on eBay for $1,350 and that’s my only regret in whole life.

Anyway now I’m starting over again and here is my deadline:

Phase1: I should be making $500-$600 a month before Jul. 15 Aug. 15.

It’s a promise and I will keep my word.

Check the blog for updates.



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