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Dynadot is down, Yahoo! mail is down and I’m going crazy!

UPDATE: Well, I guess by now, everybody knows that Dynadot is back up after more than 36 hours of downtime, that’s a good thing but I still can’t believe they have just left it with no announcement, no explanation and no apology like it has never happened! I could understand if it was 2-3 hour downtime but 36 hours isn’t something you can ignore. I still can’t accept a hardware failure could bring Dynadot down for such a long time.

The file system on our main server was corrupted, probably due to a hardware failure. It took us this entire time to rebuild our servers from the backups.

A Dynadot staff said on their forum. (Source)

It took them the whole time to recover the data from the backups? This means they don’t have proper RAID or fault-tolerance system which means the same situation or even 10 times worse can happen any time.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Dynadot’s customer service. They said that there was a hardware problem which brought the site down and they are trying to get it fixed this evening. On the side note I should say they actually picked up the phone! No answering machine or anything which is amazing!

UPDATE: I can’t believe Yahoo’s problem was only for the “All-New Mail” and when I switched to “classic mail” everything is back to normal!

I feel bad not posting anything interesting here and it looks like Scriptbloggers is becoming the status report of what site “is down” blah blah blah!

Well, I think I’m a domainer more than a blogger and when I face the following error message for more than 16 hours when trying to go to my main domain registrar where hundreds of my domains sit I become stressed and pretty much miserable:

This stress becomes 10 times worse when I can’t even log into my mailbox at Yahoo! Mail:

Well, I can only hope that it’s nothing serious (with Dynadot) but anyways there is nothing I can do and I guess I have to live with that :)

Thank God Scriptbloggers is up and running…


Dot ME domains overvalued

Like a lot of other domainers I’ve also placed my orders on a few dot ME (.me) domains in Pre-Registration period. None of them were successful but one which resulted in an auction which has been started July 28, 2008. On the third day I found the price way over my budget for that domain so I gave up on that.

Checking other auctions and recent sales (can be found on this page) I find the prices really odd comparing to most (if not all) other country code domain extensions.

Maybe I’m being too negative but I think these auctions with these ridiculous prices aren’t real and are only to show off the value of this extension and to warm the market up for higher prices for these domains in future.

Anyway that doesn’t matter to me anymore because I totally lost interest in it but apparently there is no simple way out!

When I first logged in to my account at, I found it really silly to see this note in the footer:

We will not be sending outbid notifications, so check back on the auction often.

But when I find myself outbidded by miles, I thought it in a good way of not getting hundreds of emails.
Well, I was wrong! Since then I received 28 emails with the subject:

Important: Your auction has been extended

With the following concept:

Dear Valued .ME Auction Customer,

The closing time for the auction of [the domain] has been extended an additional 24 hours per our policy of accepting a bid during the last 24 hours of the auction. Please note the revised close date and current price below:

The auction hasn’t finished yet so I’m expecting to receive more emails till who knows when and there is NO WAY (at least not that I could find) I can Opt-out of these stupid emails!

Again I can’t say they ( people) didn’t think about this feature(which is a really essential and basic one)! They obviously did and just want to everyone (even those who aren’t interested anymore) to know about these domains values for your future record.

These are only my own thoughts so let me know what’s yours :)


Google AdSense for domains, Interesting but ….?!

Well, I finally decided to do something with all my unused domains till I either develop a website on them or sell them for the right price. They were mostly just registered and left pointed to the registrar’s default nameservers, forwarding visitors to a parking page which is in favor of the registrars more than anyone else.

So I just decided to park them somewhere to:

1- Have an idea of the estimated traffic they get.
2- Make them available to people interested to buy.
3- Earn something out of them. At least to pay their own renewal fees.

Park them on Sedo? Hmm, I don’t think so! After my terrible experience with them I can’t even think about doing it, specially with their ridiculous commission fees.

Park them at their own registrar? Unfortunately I don’t have all my domains in one single place so It’s not really possible, beside not all of their registrars offer cash parking.

So I started thinking about how Sedo shows ads from Google network on the parked domains, since I knew you’re not allowed to put the regular Adsense on pages without content so I did a quick search and found Google Adsense for domains.

Wow! Interesting but it’s not public and I had to fill out a contact form to see if I’ll get approved or not. It took me around an hour to fill out and submit the form and guess what? I got the following autoresponder:

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense for domains.

Google is not currently accepting new partners for the AdSense for domains program. However, we’ll be sure to keep your contact information on file and will contact you if and when Google opens the program to new partnerships and/or new products become available.

In addition, please note that AdSense for domains is only for undeveloped domain portfolios. If you have any content on your web site(s), we recommend that you try Google AdSense for content, which you can learn more about at .

Thank you again for your interest.

hmmm, stupid, isn’t it? It would be nice if they had this piece of text on the form page not after asking so much information!

Anyway I’ll have to come with another idea for parking my unused domains.

1 comment a shameless SCAM!

Last year I bought some domains from someone on DP and unfortunately they were registered at which is a Turkish registrar. I just asked him to open an account for me and transfer the domains to my account. I logged into my account, changed their name servers and turned all those domains to blogs and added them to my blog network (Allied Network Inc.) and they all gained good Pageranks over the year with a reasonable amount of traffic.

Everything was fine till the time for renewal came. I logged into my account, tried to renew all my domains but it simply didn’t accept my credit card, then I tried to get the authorization code to transfer them to another registrar but got another wiered error. The day after I tried to log in to my account and I found it suspended! Contacted their technical support by submitting a ticket and they replied asking for the copy of my passport, then I replied the same ticket asking “How should I send it to you?” and didn’t get any reply.

The next day when I logged in to their ticketing system, I found my ticket is deleted! Since I had all the ticket information I opened another ticket asking what happend to the ticket number blah blah and guess what! This ticket got removed within 2 hours. Tried it two more times, got no reply and got my ticket removed again and again. So I finally gave up and decided to let the domains expire and catch them when they are released but now I see they have been renewed, parked and showing ads while the registrant, tech and admin info hasn’t been changed on whois database.

Another lesson for me to stick to my trustworthy registrars even if they are a bit more expensive.

I’ll definitely follow up and will keep here updated.



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Does Registerfly sell their customer’s info for spamming purposes?!

It’s a big legal issue and I can’t speak for sure ’cause it’s a big responsibility but I leave the judgment to the readers and wait to hear other similar situations to make sure. After all even if that’s true, I think there’s nothing we can do like all other spammers.

First of all I should say that I had some domains with Registerfly back in the days they were an accredited registrar because of their low prices and promotions. But when ICANN terminated their accreditation, I transferred my domains to other places like most of their other customers.

Anyway today I got 2 emails from them in my Yahoo mail account’s bulk folder, both exactly the same and indicating one of my domains with them is going to expire while after checking that domain I remembered that I’ve already transferred that domain somewhere else and renewed it till 2009. That wasn’t a big deal since that can be a bug in their script which still thinks my domain is registered with them and another bug in their email sender script caused the email to be sent twice BUT looking at my other received spam emails in the bulk folder something smells fishy.

Here is the screenshot:

Registerfly’s and the other spam emails in my Bulk folder

In fact the server which sent registerfly’s emails AND the one which  sent the other spam emails seem to be the same or at least with the same bug which caused the email to be sent twice!

Just checked the IP addresses the spam emails have been sent from and here are the results:

Both Registerfly emails were sent from so that’s why I can’t speak for sure that they were sent from the same server but considering the situation what you guys think ? Is it just an accident? :)




Yes! I finally won the auction…

So as I promised before, I’m gonna disclose the domain name that I won in Namejet’s auction mentioned here and here.

It might not be interesting to many of you but I’ve always had big hopes for a kind of website and this domain is just great for the purpose in my head, specially because it sits beside its sister in my domain collection :)

The domain name is which is pretty much clear what it is for but in case you haven’t realized yet, it is going to be a freelance marketplace specialized for php developers which is a huge market.

And the sister’s name is which is going to be a parallel freelance marketplace mostly for graphic design.

It might seems weird but I’ve done most of the programming work and customization based on wordpress API and hope to release it sometime soon but before that I have some higher priorities such as Allied Network Inc. phase 2 which should be done within next 10 days.

I will keep here updated how the process is going because I know it’s going to be beneficial for a lot of people out there.

Keep in touch,


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NameJet won the battle

If you’re new, here is the Beginning of the story

And yes! It looks like my assumption was correct!

5 O’clock in the evening and I received an email from Snapnames:

Registration attempts for back-ordered domain names were unsuccessful

Logged in to my account and checked my back-ordered domain list and the domain was still there with out-dated data.

14 minutes later got an email from NameJet with the following subject line:

NameJet Notice – Auction Start

Still haven’t received Pool’s failure email and it is still showing the old data but I will probably receive it soon.

I’m so glad I didn’t rely on Snapnames and like most people do and I’m hoping to win the current auction at the end ’cause I’ve been watching this domain for months.

I’ll disclose the name once it’s done ;)



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Pool, Snapnames or NameJet

From what I’ve heard and what I experienced so far, the best place to back-order on an expiring domain name, depends on the registrar but this time I’m experiencing it closer than ever.

I’ve back-ordered on a domain name, releasing tomorrow, in all 3,, and websites.

The domain is registered at eNom so I think NameJet should have a better chance since eNom Auctions has been moved to but let’s judge after seeing the result.

So here the actual battle starts Pool vs. Snapnames vs. NameJet.

P.S. I’ve never had any success back-ordering on fairly good domains using Godaddy back-order service so I decided not to even mention it, let’s hope they won’t change the history by winning this competition tomorrow.

I will update this post after seeing the result. ( crossed my fingers ;) )

Check the comments and trackbacks…


Alternative options for Overture Keyword Selector Tool

As many of you know, Overture keyword selector tool located at “” without doubt, was one of the most useful tools (if not the most) for webmasters, domainers and SEO and SEM professionals for years, returning a useful and detailed report for free.

I was definitely one of the regular users enjoying this great free tool, but unfortunately it has been a while since Yahoo stopped maintaining it and it was up and down randomly, returning out-dated data. Anyway it has been weeks since I couldn’t even open the page and keep getting timeout error messages.

There has been rumors of Yahoo launching a new improved tool to replace it but a quick research in Yahoo’s official blog and other reliable sources didn’t give me any hope.

Searching Google for “overture keyword tool” gave me the old dead url and the same search in Yahoo gave me nothing but other people’s posts and articles about it. For sure if there was any plan to support it, it would be at the top of Yahoo search results but it isn’t, so I should probably give up and look for an alternative solution.

My quick research for a good alternative solution for keyword suggestion tool had the following result:

Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool seems the most popular one somehow the numbers doesn’t seem equal to overture results but still it’s a great tool to find the best keyword to optimize your site or your campaign for.

While the free tool is useful enough for some basic usages, the paid subscription gives out much more detailed information, saving a lot of manual research time and cost. Besides that they have a free trial so you can experience working with the paid version to see the differences.

The other tool that I’ve found useful is KeywordDiscovery‘s free service offered by a company called Trellian.

They also have a paid service and a SEO software which I haven’t tried yet but the description seems useful.

Also there is a comparison page of Wordtracker Vs. KeywordDiscovery (can be found here) and in that KeywordDiscovery seems much more featured than Wordtracker but I can’t judge till I try at least their trial version and compare it to the other one.

I’ll keep here updated,




Ideas needed

Hi there,

I really need help and suggestions on one of my brilliant domains getting around 120 visitors a month and even earning couple of bucks a month from clicks it gets on sedo parking page. The reason I parked it at sedo wasn’t the rev, it was just because it’s the easiest way to have an idea of the number of visitors.

The domain name is BuildFree(.)com and I know if used properly it can be converted to a self-successful project but for some reason it has been months that I couldn’t think of a unique and good idea to implement on it since I really don’t want to spoil it.

Both .net and .org ones are active and have daily traffic (they are not mine) and since I own .com, I am mostly getting their typo traffic since there are a lot of people like myself trying (.com) by default when they hear of a domain name.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.




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