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Sedo Sucks ! (Another update)

If you are new to my whole issue with Sedo please read 1)Here & 2)Here then it will be more interesting to continue reading how Sedo treats the domain sellers.

And here is the rest of story…

After passing 4 days of my last email mentioned in the two posts before, and getting no reply I decided to write again asking the status of my email and why they just avoid replying my specific question and a day after I got an email stating “Cancellation of transfer of my domain” !!!

And in that email they simply said the buyer didn’t cooperate and this cancellation is necessary.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

You may not believe how terrible they are when it comes to customer support ! I just don’t get the meaning of GUARANTEED SALE they mentioned in their Faq and I don’t know who is responsible for the 45 days they just wasted my time ?

People may think this was not their fault but I believe it is theirs as they don’t allow direct contact of parties that’s why they have that ridiculous commission on sale. Besides, I don’t care if my domain is not sold, I care about the time they killed by putting me into a kind of “contract and obligation”.

So I want to know what would happen if I (as the seller) sell the domain to someone else while this transfer was in progress ?

If you have ever tried to offer on a domain on Sedo you definitely have noticed that they won’t allow you, till you have a valid credit card on the file so what happened this time ?

It’s funny that one time I received an email they wanted to send to buyer by mistake and here was all they asked:

“…..the transfer will be cancelled and your Sedo account will be put under review.”

WOW that was scary LOL.

Anyway I’m still fighting to get at least a reasonable reply but the overal experience is:

Sedo works only for smooth and easy transactions and all they do is to wait till buyer pays, take their ridiculous commission and pass the rest to seller.

Following up is not even listed in their “to do list” and they just seek for easy money if failed they don’t care how long they have wasted your time, they simply cancel the deal !

Nice headacheless way of making money, isn’t it?

With no hope I will keep here updated.




An update on my domain sale issue with Sedo

I’ve contacted Sedo again, reminding them of the situation explained here and asked some questions like until when I should wait and blah blah blah.

Guess what ?

I got EXACTLY the same reply that I got a month ago, word by word a template email as a reply that had nothing to do with my questions and in the end something like ‘for further information don’t hesitate to contact us’ !

What is the point of contact when there seems to be an automated reply that I already got it twice !

I don’t know with such a high commission they get, what special do they do ?

Now the question is should I really remain obligated to this sale ?

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