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Google Adsense sucks big time!

Before I’ve had such a decision to remove it from all my websites ’cause it just drive me crazy sometimes and nothing else! Well, I removed it from my personal blog but still it is on some of my websites which will be removed shortly.

I hate the lack of transparency Google  provides for Adsense publishers. They charge advertisers whatever amount they bid and pay publishers who knows-percentage of the amount which sometimes is less than a cent/click which makes no sense.

From what I’ve experienced, optimizing ad spot and increasing CTR, reduces eCPM and CPC (Cost per click) which results in more valid clicks but same or even less amount earned for the ad publisher. Isn’t it funny ? They just earn more money while paying the same old amount to publishers.

Here is what I’ve tried several times and got the same result:

Put just one Adsense  ad on a mid-traffic website of mine in a not-very-good spot, getting 400-500 visits a day and ~6-10 clicks as an average, resulting in $0.60-$1 a day as average which is $0.10 a click. Added one more Ad spot in better position, getting 15-20 clicks a day resulting in $0.60-$1 a day ! Isn’t it funny or what ? :D

It has been years I have Adsense on a lot of my websites but in the recent 2 years they introduced a new term called “smartprice” which is pretty much same as I described above and is nothing more than cheating publishers without letting them know anything about what’s going on behind the scene.

I’m so glad that I don’t rely on them for a living and it’s just an experience for me, but for those who do, it’s a sad story.

Any similar or related experience ? Please share with us…




Yes! I finally won the auction…

So as I promised before, I’m gonna disclose the domain name that I won in Namejet’s auction mentioned here and here.

It might not be interesting to many of you but I’ve always had big hopes for a kind of website and this domain is just great for the purpose in my head, specially because it sits beside its sister in my domain collection :)

The domain name is which is pretty much clear what it is for but in case you haven’t realized yet, it is going to be a freelance marketplace specialized for php developers which is a huge market.

And the sister’s name is which is going to be a parallel freelance marketplace mostly for graphic design.

It might seems weird but I’ve done most of the programming work and customization based on wordpress API and hope to release it sometime soon but before that I have some higher priorities such as Allied Network Inc. phase 2 which should be done within next 10 days.

I will keep here updated how the process is going because I know it’s going to be beneficial for a lot of people out there.

Keep in touch,


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Ongoing Projects page

Finally I’ve created the Ongoing Projects page!

The page, which should have been created months ago, if not years ago!

Even looking at that page and seeing how long is the list, freaks me out, not to mention the work involved in each of them and not to mention the domains I haven’t added.

I think I have the worst trio in my mind !  In love with programming, Addicted to registering domain names and skilled in Search Engine Optimization which all together cause non-stop sparks in my head even in the fields totally unrelated to mine.

May be if I had one more element added to them everything would be resolved ! Eager to earn money! It could prevent me from a lot of things I do and keep me in track but unfortunately or maybe fortunately I don’t have it :)

Earning money online is more like a hobby for me and I enjoy earning it while I can’t recall the last time I withdrew from my Paypal account because I usually spend 2 or 3 times more than that on my other online projects.

In the other hand, I’m so confident that one or more of these projects will take me somewhere else, in whole another level of life anytime soon.

Let’s see how it goes,


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[WTB] Some spare time !?!

I wish I could post such a title on a forum and buy some time as 24 hours a day and 7 days a week doesn’t seem enough for me.

After some successful experiences, I had with some of my domain names and websites, again I’m passing the borders and adding hopeful ideas and domain names to my inventory.

While I’m still busy with my 2-3 years old websites, adding new ones is a some sort of craziness and waste of money but I just don’t want to regret not having them and again, there is an idea behind each one of them which is interesting enough not to get avoided.

Everyday I’m getting renewal reminders for my close to expiring domain names which I haven’t got any time to spend on them, even for putting an “under construction” page on them.

I was thinking of hiring some freelancers but that doesn’t work either because I need some time to manage the project and honestly I can’t trust anyone enough to leave the whole project fully unattended.

Anyway I have to recap all my projects, update my project list and their progress here to be able to set the priorities and follow them based on that, otherwise they will never be completed while I keep adding to them :) .

I also have to remember to keep this blog in my priority list :)

Please keep in touch, I desperately need some ideas and feedbacks :D


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A world full of bug !

I just don’t know what is going on but definitely something is wrong with big boys.

Here are some examples:

  • Yahoo mail, which I’ve been with for years, probably 10 years (since the beginning of their service) has been too slow and worst than that recently there were sensitive emails I never received and simply dropped! Which I’m sure they’ve been sent because they were from Paypal!
  • Overture keyword suggestion tool is down. Yes I know it was not maintained anymore by Yahoo but there isn’t absolutely any official news about taking it down.
  • Yahoo Mail keeps giving me a small tracking popup from doubleclick which is owned by Google !
  • Google webmaster tool is down and here is a screenshot. clicking on the link showed in the image also didn’t help and I get the same screen.

Google Sitemap is Down

Before, (I think a year ago) I had a similar post somewhere. The funny thing is that all the weird things happen at the same time :)

The fact is that using a free service you’re not allowed to complain because that’s free :-s


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I gave up but my sites didn’t!

Hi there,

After passing toughest stages of life -losing my brother – I’m trying to push myself back to life and as Pink Floyd’s great song “Coming back to life”.

After around 2 months since my last post I finally decided to come back and make myself busier with my sites, little by little and not as crazy as I used to be but seeing my sites doing much better than before gave me an extra will to work.

If you leave any business unattended, it falls and fails but my sites lived by their own and it’s exactly what I love about online business.

Besides earnings I had from Adsense, previous ad subscriptions and affiliate links, I received a lot of interest for advertisement on my different sites.

Checking Google Analytics showed me the reason! Traffic for most of my sites became double as they got unbelievable ranks in major search terms beside some links from high traffic forums.

I learned my lesson, PATIENCE is the key to success.

Now I really feel so confident about my SEO techniques so I adopted two new babies :) & and soon I will begin to use this SEO techniques for a whole new kind of project in Real Estate Industry!

I know I’m going crazy again but this time I’ll try to work more organized, step by step with less pressure.

Lets ROCK ;)



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Ideas needed

Hi there,

I really need help and suggestions on one of my brilliant domains getting around 120 visitors a month and even earning couple of bucks a month from clicks it gets on sedo parking page. The reason I parked it at sedo wasn’t the rev, it was just because it’s the easiest way to have an idea of the number of visitors.

The domain name is BuildFree(.)com and I know if used properly it can be converted to a self-successful project but for some reason it has been months that I couldn’t think of a unique and good idea to implement on it since I really don’t want to spoil it.

Both .net and .org ones are active and have daily traffic (they are not mine) and since I own .com, I am mostly getting their typo traffic since there are a lot of people like myself trying (.com) by default when they hear of a domain name.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.




Antiviruses and Malware protection

It has always been a pain for me to find a reliable protection for my machine that updates regularly to protect against new malwares without effecting my system performance and I guess there may be some of you there with same problem as mine.

Protection is absolutely necessary specially for people with more sensitive data and people who use credit cards online but not the way taking most of the system resources, effecting all other programs and making you to shut it down before being able to actually work with your machine.

In these years some of them really drove me crazy with annoying questions I had to answer each time I open a program, even if that was a well known trusted software.

I almost tried all the antiviruses that I could hear about;

Symantec Norton antivirus, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Panda, Avg, Avast, etc. but none of them actually did what I expected to get.

So even for a long time my machine was without any external protection just using the windows defender and by being extremely careful about my activities on the net till I found PrevX that was free in that time and I was one of their 10,000 beta testers.

The result was unbelievable, it was updated more than twice a day sometimes no performance reduction and I didn’t have even single sign of any kind of malware within more than a year that I used it. I’ve suggested it to all my friends and they are really pleased with the result they got.

Now they don’t need beta testers anymore since it’s pretty stable but they have a really cool trial free offer. You can download and install it for free and it will work forever if your system remains clean but the first time it detects and defends against an infection it will start to count down and you have 30 days to decide whether to buy it or not.

I was more than happy when I found their new version working with Windows Vista and I bought one for my new laptop.

The price is extremely low comparing to most of others and on their site it is around $25 for a year BUT I suggest you to visit their site and try it, if you liked leave me a comment and I can get one for you with a good discounted bulk price since I bought some licenses for myself, my family and friends.

Visit Prevx website.


Google Analytics – Is anything wrong ?

Google Analytics is an essential part of my internet life, their service is amazing and really helpful. I install the code on most of my projects even before the content because sometimes it warns me the potentials I am missing by showing me activities, referrers and potential keywords to consider in SEO.

But it’s 3-4 days I see a big drop in traffic Analytics reports on almost all my sites! Even it shows zero visits on some of my “under development” projects, while they have always had some hits everyday.

At first I thought it maybe true and I’m losing visitors but when I checked server logs, found activities that were not tracked by Analytics and even report taken from Adsense proved the error in Analytics report.

Now I’m hoping their service back up to the accuracy it had before otherwise I have to find alternative solutions.

If you have been noticed the same situation, or have a better solution please let me know.