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I’m still alive!

Hi there,

Just a quick note to say I’m still alive but too busy with my off-line life to be able to do much online. To be honest I haven’t even checked my emails for more than a week now but it wasn’t unexpected and hopefully it will not last long. Soon I’ll be back to my regular online activity starting with some cool and exciting news.




Ongoing Projects page

Finally I’ve created the Ongoing Projects page!

The page, which should have been created months ago, if not years ago!

Even looking at that page and seeing how long is the list, freaks me out, not to mention the work involved in each of them and not to mention the domains I haven’t added.

I think I have the worst trio in my mind !  In love with programming, Addicted to registering domain names and skilled in Search Engine Optimization which all together cause non-stop sparks in my head even in the fields totally unrelated to mine.

May be if I had one more element added to them everything would be resolved ! Eager to earn money! It could prevent me from a lot of things I do and keep me in track but unfortunately or maybe fortunately I don’t have it :)

Earning money online is more like a hobby for me and I enjoy earning it while I can’t recall the last time I withdrew from my Paypal account because I usually spend 2 or 3 times more than that on my other online projects.

In the other hand, I’m so confident that one or more of these projects will take me somewhere else, in whole another level of life anytime soon.

Let’s see how it goes,


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I gave up but my sites didn’t!

Hi there,

After passing toughest stages of life -losing my brother – I’m trying to push myself back to life and as Pink Floyd’s great song “Coming back to life”.

After around 2 months since my last post I finally decided to come back and make myself busier with my sites, little by little and not as crazy as I used to be but seeing my sites doing much better than before gave me an extra will to work.

If you leave any business unattended, it falls and fails but my sites lived by their own and it’s exactly what I love about online business.

Besides earnings I had from Adsense, previous ad subscriptions and affiliate links, I received a lot of interest for advertisement on my different sites.

Checking Google Analytics showed me the reason! Traffic for most of my sites became double as they got unbelievable ranks in major search terms beside some links from high traffic forums.

I learned my lesson, PATIENCE is the key to success.

Now I really feel so confident about my SEO techniques so I adopted two new babies :) & and soon I will begin to use this SEO techniques for a whole new kind of project in Real Estate Industry!

I know I’m going crazy again but this time I’ll try to work more organized, step by step with less pressure.

Lets ROCK ;)



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OMG, WTF am I doing here?

I need a quiet place, who the hell told me to move from Richmond hill to this f***ing downtown Toronto ?

Yes, it’s 10 minutes walk to my work, comparing to 4 hours commute per day it’s a lot of time saving but what’s the point when I’m going crazy.

I want silence specially now that I’m sick I feel it even more.

I really missed a real nonstop sleep at night when I close my eyes in the dark and open them in the morning. Every single night there are things to wake me up at least 3 times, Building’s Fire alarm, Policemen seeking for someone, Police cars, Ambulances, Fireworks, Drunk young people shouting like crazy, etc.

I really need an online business, then I won’t stay at this place even one second, it’s crazy ! At least for me, I know people have different tastes but for me it’s the best incentive to work harder.

Once again, I’m going to launch 2 new services this week, one end of long weekend (Monday I guess) and the other during the week so stay in touch, I’m sure those will be interesting.



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