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January 2008 Pagerank update

While it wasn’t expected, there seem to be a toolbar Pagerank update in progress which seems a bit different than the others.

It’s still too early to say if that’s stable or not but I can confirm a change in 2 of my domains, 3 to 2 and the other 4 to 5.

The strange thing about it, is that all datacenters seem to be changed together while it usually takes days for them to get synchronized.

Other noticeable effects: My internal pages and blog posts got Pr0 from NA but I’m sure it should be much higher than that so I can’t believe it as a real update.

I’ll keep here updated if I notice another major change in my sites.

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How to use “nofollow” on the links and what’s the point?

For sure it’s not something I want to do at least sometime soon but I see people searching it so I thought why not give them a walk-through guide on using “nofollow” on the links.

As most people know, Links or Hyperlinks are no longer only the way to transfer PEOPLE (VISITORS) from a webpage to another, but it has been used also to show a trust factor from your site or page to another (usually external) site/page in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

In the other word, linking from your site to another, shows a relation and kind of truest between yours and the other site and in some cases adds a value to the destination. BUT beside their constructive usages, links can also have negative effect on your site if you link to an inappropriate, totally non-related, not-acceptable, illegal or spammy website. The same negative effect will happen if you place so many external links on a page with not enough content and the page loses its rank and trust and might even be considered as a linkfarm and get penalized to the end of search results.

The concept of nofollow first was introduced when spammers turned their attention and SEO strategies on well ranked weblogs by leaving spammy comments containing their links with hopes to gain better ranks in search engines, while they actually could destroy all the hard work the blog owner have done to make a trusted highly ranked weblog because of the negative effect we’ve mentioned before.

To deal with this problem there was a new value/attribute added to traditional “<a href ” way of linking.

In this method links containing ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ would not carry any (or at least much) weight and not being considered as a relation between the site and the destination in the eyes of most search engines while it still does the same thing for your visitors.


<a href=””>Article Sale</a>

can carry some weight while the following link doesn’t or even if it does it’s minimum ;

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Article Sale</a>

How to make it automated in WordPress blogs to put nofollow on the links ?

Regarding the links within the comments, it’s already built-in in the new versions of WordPress to put nofollow on them BUT if your concern is about the commenter link, it should be taken care of by the template you use.

Most of the template use nofollow on the commenter link but some of them don’t! like the one I am using on Scriptbloggers :)

To add nofollow, you need to have some knowledge about WordPress templates since not all of them are the same but USUALLY the code you need to change is in comments.php:

Somewhere in that file you’ll find something similar to:

<a href=”<?php comment_author_url() ?>”><?php comment_author() ?> <?php comment_author_url() ?></a>

Well, all you need to do is to add rel=”nofollow” between “<a” and “href” . (DON’T COPY PASTE FROM HERE, IT MIGHT NOT WORK SO TYPE IT BY YOUR OWN PLEASE.)

I hope you’ve found it useful :)

As usual, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.



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To use or not to use “nofollow”

Well, today I found my blog is not using “nofollow” on links for comments! What a heaven for spammers but too bad I always check all comments manually one by one, even I know it takes time ;)

Thought about putting “nofollow” back into the code but I think it can be considered as a good incentive for readers to post a comment. Anyway scriptbloggers is a pagerank 4 blog with all original content with no ads on it and my previous experiences showed that links from it are highly effective in term of SEO, even not to mention its fare traffic and loyal readers.

I’m even thinking of putting the 5 recent commenters on the main page but not for now as it needs more investigation.

Let’s see how it goes.




Google Pagerank Update

Finally it’s nice to see Google is updating the toolbar pagerank.

Yet, it’s not completely finished and the difference between different DCs can be seen which is the difference between the old value and the new one.

The result of this update for me wasn’t too disappointing ;)
Some of my site’s gained while some others lost! There are just a few of my websites kept the same Pagerank as before !

Anyway we all know that Google updates its Pagerank regularly and what happened recently is just a reflection of what Google already had on toolbar.

Here it goes:

  • up_arrow.gif 4 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 5 (was 0) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 2 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • Down 3 (was 4)
  • Down 4 (was 5)
  • Down 4 (was 5)

None of the ones which lost pagerank was unexpected. In fact I’m glad they lost only one point but regarding the other ones I’m really surprised and happy !

Who could have expected to see which I started Oct. 8th get a Pagerank or get Pagerank 5 !!!!

There seems to be a value in the links I put on scriptbloggers ’cause most of them gained a value more than what I expected.

Now I know the reason why I find,,, … in the first page for a lot of related search terms!

Now I think I’m really wasting my sites’ potential and should start using them in the best way I can.

Please note that I just checked all the Pageranks using and I’m just hoping it’s not a bug or mistake ;)


Google is playing with Pagerank but still no confirmed pagerank update

Today there were some weird Pagerank stumble signs for some domains specially on the following Google datacenters:


The reported Pagerank change didn’t last long for me and they returned to the same previous number as they were within hours but still there are people experiencing same situation for some websites.

While still there is no confirmed news of toolbar pagerank update, chances are pretty high that toolbar Pagerank update occurs these days based on the timings taken from previous occurrences.

Since the actual Pagerank updates regularly and kind of on daily basis, this toolbar pagerank update will not affect the actual search engine ranking and it is just the time people can actually see the Pagerank Google assigned to their pages through the toolbar.

For people who care about PR, it is a really important time because it actually shows if the efforts they made were successful or not.

I’m also interested to see what will happen to my sites specially some of my site’s inner pages.

I will update the blog once I get a confirmed news.





My new hope,

First of all I do apologize not being able to keep my word on updating scriptbloggers on daily basis.

I don’t want to complain but this week I got into family related issues that caused my time to be fully packed.

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned about as my new online business.

In general AlliedNetworkInc. is a network of Pageranked blogs (Currently 12 Pr4/3 blogs), ready to host your article or review with links back to your site. Its mission is to increase your site’s link popularity and boost your search engine ranking.

For a very small fee, people can have their article with 3 links back to their site, permanently on a network of Pageranked blogs to increase their link popularity resulting in higher Google Pagerank and improved Technorati rank. (See how this network decreased ScriptBloggers’ Technorati rank to 249,330)

AlliedNetworkInc has been started as an independent network but it is going to be the central point for selling link/ad-space on my other sites. (i.e. )

I have some other Pr6/5 blogs that will be added to this network very soon.

Hopefully this weekend I am going to launch some new services and will have more updates on




Way behind the plans !

Hi There,

Long time no see ;)

No I wasn’t that busy not to be able to update the blog, I just recovered from illness, some kind of weird ones that caused me spend most of my time sleeping (LOL ) but believe me, I am not joking !

For me, 6-8 hours sleeping a day is too much and was considered as waste of valuable time but since weeks ago, I slept 12 hours a day as average and it took me way behind my plans. (8 hours at work, so just 4 hours home)

I have just 15 days to hit my first target at $500 a month with Just Online business and I even lost what I’ve gained so far.

Anyway I will try my best to do it.

Currently there are some good news for myself:

Casinonewbies is getting out of google Sandbox (age factor) and is getting nice amount of traffic for highly competitive keywords.(i.e. “online casino”)

After a big drop in LiveProxies traffic (because it got blocked in several filtering systems), now it’s backing up again gaining good positions at Serps specially Google and MSN resulting in getting 60% Organic traffic, 30% referrals and 10% Direct.

Google Analytics shows that SudokuDay is doing GREAT ! Getting all it’s traffic from Google and Technorati and it’s beyond my expectations as it doesn’t have much content and just updates itself with new puzzles once a day.

SmileyGen‘s analytics was like a shocking news in the past week as I found it standing in the first position in Yahoo for a very good related search term without any attempt for optimization.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned about BulgariaHiTech or not but if I didn’t it is a Pagerank 5 domain I purchased a while ago, started a technology blog on it and because of its high Pagerank, it keeps getting unbelievable ranks in Google for most of the new postings I made. Still I am not using all it’s potentials but it definitely can be a big asset to hit my target.

And there is one more business I started recently. some of you may have been noticed from the list on the right side of Scriptbloggers; AlliedNetworkInc.

AlliedNetworkInc requires its own post as I have a lot to say about it.

In the remaining time (around 15 days) I will try to update this blog daily so keep in touch.




Google pagerank update

What was the effect of this recent update for you and did you expect the result?

For me,

I got my 40 days old blog site to PR 4 from 0 !

Purchased oneway links, posted to directories, forum signatures and article submission.

Scriptbloggers got the PR 1.

Thanks Chris…

httpForum went down to 0 from 1 !

I will introduce httpForum in my next posts but as for now, it was my most beautiful dream with high hopes but became a forgotten project (personal problems in the worst time) so I haven’t promote it, didn’t renew the links I’d purchased and removed it from my forum signature so I expected such a downgrade.

I see no change for the rest of my sites.

Who cares?

The fact is that I don’t care much about Pagerank but it is a factor when it comes to popular search terms on google.

I was getting traffic from google since the first days my site got indexed without Pagerank, just because of frequency of the unique updates, but it was temporary and it seems that I’ve lost google’s attention since my content got older.

I guess this Pagerank can be helpful in long term and put more weight on my site’s content comparing to others with lower PR.

I will try to write my project list shortly. :)



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College or NOT to succeed online

I’m interested in hearing peoples opinions on whether you think college’s such as Collins Art School can play a major role in a web developers success. I for one have been to University for three years, infact i’ve just finished and at the moment i feel that i could of done just aswell without it in the online business – that doesn’t mean i didn’t need to go to college to do what i want ‘offline’.

Why do i think College is not necessary to succeed online? – Firstly information about blogging, marketing of websites ect.. is very rarely discussed in college unless it’s a very specific type of course, perhaps a subsection of a module would skim the surface lightly. Today to succeed in the online business of affiliate’s and PPC you need knowledge and this can be obtained from one place. Yes the internet!

This is just a small introductory post to a new blogseries here at scriptbloggers which discusses various Educational aspects of blogging.


Design simple but effective

After scouring the web in the search of inspiration for my own blog design i came across the leisuretime promotions this type of design is a perfect example of simple but effective webdesign in action. The colours used are very eyecatching but do not put you off and the ‘tearing’ effects add something special. This is the type of design im going to try and recreate for my blog – using my own styles ect.. but looking to create something unique and eye catching. Let’s hope i can achieve it!

This type of design looks great on an activity website such as lesiure sites and i have had so many theme changes to my blog i think it’s time i tried to create my own.

What’s coming soon? – we take a look at the ITpays results and updates on the Ebay affiliate project so stay tuned for that!

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