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Happy new year everyone!

Hi there,

Happy new year!

Hope 2008 will be a year full of Online and Offline success for all of us who try (including myself) ;)

After a long time finally I got the time to sit at my desk and do something other than WORK, either contract work or my own projects which have been pretty much faded!

God, I really missed blogging while I can’t really call myself a “blogger”! What a blogger who has 2 posts on December, 1 in November and 3 in October ? ahh, that sucks but hopefully things will get better soon, I’m positive…

Speaking about my projects, I said “pretty much faded” but not completely, because I finally managed to launch which is the state of the art in programming and efficiency, not mentioning its great idea and usefulness.

After being ripped off several times by people who call themselves “Article Writers” I felt the need for an article marketplace which you can see a sample of the articles before you pay for them, without days for the article to become ready !

This is what is all about.

Basically  I buy high quality prewritten articles in bulk and put them for sale on, then the first person who makes the payment using the Paypal button, will be the owner and the article will be removed from our store permanently :)

So if you ever needed content for your website, for article submission, SEO or any other purpose, it’s good to take a look at my new Article Marketplace :)

More than its idea, I love the coding I did for it, it’s 95% automated while I kept my faith in WordPress and used it as the framework.

Beside that I was mostly occupied by my work, full time and contracts which is anything but fun! (Well, sort of… specially when you get paid.)

Have fun,



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Coming back to blogging


I know a lot of you didn’t like the idea of domaining and discussions around it and there are others who are really in love with this business but I thought I’m getting way far of my main target of creating Scriptbloggers !

Anyway, I’ve got a good decision here and it was to move all the domaining related issues to my new site ( and keep Scriptbloggers my central point of projects.

Well, I’m getting closer to my deadline and I’m almost half a way to my first target ($500 a month) with some help of my domaining skills.

So I should pay more attention to what I do in these last steps as there is no time for trials and errors.

First: I got a good result from by removing Adsense from header and getting sponsors for it now the only problem is that it is blocked in some places (like the place I work) so I should give it a new life by creating more mirror sites that will not cost much for me.

Second: I have a feeling that CasinoNewbies is getting out of Google’s sandbox as it’s around 3-4 days that I see reasonable amount of organic visitors from Google on more competitive keywords. it will be definitely something I can count on but there is not much work to do.

Third: DnAve will be one of my short term sources of revenue as I got really good results these days focusing on domaining business but honestly it is not something I want to do forever as the way I do it needs my attention almost everyday.

And finally BlogDepot !

Yes, it’s also mine plus, , and some more that I can’t remember.

These are a part of project of mine that never came to reality but I was really surprised when I checked BlogDepot after 2 months and faced more than 60 blogs on it with Alexa rank of 387k !

I know I’m wasting the power and potential these domains have but they needs at least 3-4 days of work that currently I’m really interested to find !

I need a day just to put all my thoughts together and organize what I need to do.

As always your suggestions are really appreciated.



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Surprise, It’s Finally Launched

Hi there,

For two years I was about doing this project, thought and tested different methods and finally it’s launched and seems to work perfect.

My 2 years olds idea finally is born.

I request you all to take a look and let me know your ideas.

It’s fully functional, just need some more data entry and text edits that I will be doing.

I really need your ideas to improve this service and I think it can be so useful.

Currently I’m just working to improve the search functionality.



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Design simple but effective

After scouring the web in the search of inspiration for my own blog design i came across the leisuretime promotions this type of design is a perfect example of simple but effective webdesign in action. The colours used are very eyecatching but do not put you off and the ‘tearing’ effects add something special. This is the type of design im going to try and recreate for my blog – using my own styles ect.. but looking to create something unique and eye catching. Let’s hope i can achieve it!

This type of design looks great on an activity website such as lesiure sites and i have had so many theme changes to my blog i think it’s time i tried to create my own.

What’s coming soon? – we take a look at the ITpays results and updates on the Ebay affiliate project so stay tuned for that!

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The battle of Made For Adsense

PART 1 of the MFA battle

If you are a reputable adsense publisher who feels that you provide a valuable service to your visitors by displaying relevant adverts on your website you might want to look away now!

MFA, or Made For Adsense websites are exactly as they sound, designed to attract search engine visitors and then provide them with various overcrowding adsense blocks that engulf the small amount of content provided in a bid to encourage the user to move on through PPC adverts. The content on these sites have no real depth, they are keyword dense articles that serve a purpose of enticing search engine users to their website.

The Search Engines, round 1:

In recent years the penalty of duplicating content has been severe, google now pushes articles which it presumes are copied from an original source – using various algorithms – into the Supplemental Result index, this can prove troublesome for MFA publishers because after they are in that index getting out is near impossible, especially when your content is appearing on thousands of other MFA websites.

This is the technique google used to protect it’s users from one-track profit making websites.

The MFA publishers, round 2:

Whats the secret to creating your own adsense empire? – unique content multiplied by quantity.
Taking a look at Clickbank there are various article spinners and article niche creators which allow you to simply put in a number of long tail keywords or an existing article which, once the program has finished running will create a brand new article regarded as being unique by all search engines.

This is the trick of the new MFA publisher.

The last round in a best of 3 game:

On average an MFA empire has around 20,000 short, 100 word articles, and they are dense with keywords that search engines are likely to target. Distribute these articles to 2,000 websites so inturn leaves 10 articles per website each article targeting a different keyword in a particular niche.

How much do these websites earn?

One website has the ability to make $50 per year, although most of these sites will average out at around $40 per year. Yes this is low for one site but remember there are 2,000 of these websites and a potential earning of $80,000 a year.

It seems that the MFA publishers are winning but it’s the last round in a best of 3 game and google is not an easy opponent.

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T-shirt affiliate marketing – breakdown

If your into the affiliates market then there’s certainly one post that you will not want to miss. Over at Dosh Dosh they’ve posted an extremely detailed guide to getting started as a t-shirt affiliate. Did you know that you can earn $4 per item sold even if the overall cost is $12 or $20. It’s a great way to start affiliate marketing and Dosh Dosh have provided you with an abundance of information from eleven easy steps to t-shirt marketing to an amazing thirty-one different affiliate programs.

I will be reviewing the T-shirt affiliate market in the coming weeks as i try out the steps described in this post – so subscribe to my rss feeds and look forward to an in-depth breakdown of what i did.


Article featured on Top Blog

Thats right, Scriptbloggers has been back online for three short days and Mitch over at harpzOn has decided to feature one of my posts titled ‘Loyal readers worth 20 times more’ – It’s an article detailing why you should take notice of the readers you already have and provide them with something unique. The reason for this? – Well loyal bloggers are worth 20 times more!

The article will be appearing on harpzOn soon.

If you are arriving from Mitch’s blog, HarpzOn then let me first welcome you, although my blog has not yet got the advantage of being full of content as i’m literally just starting out i hope that you will subscribe to my rss feeds as i have got some nice content coming up that you will not want to miss. My next article will be titled, Creating an adsense empire – detailing the benefits and risks of MFA (made for adsense) websites.

I hope you enjoyed my article.

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harpzOn blogging tips

Over at harpzOn’s blog, a very detailed post can be viewed about the benefits of blogging with your own domain name and your own hosting account. For those who are unfamiliar with harpzOn it’s a web blog dedicated to tools and techniques that will increase your website traffic.

HarpzOn discusses 5 detailed tips on why blogging should be done on your own domain and another 4 helpful tips in choosing the correct hosting solutions for you. It’s a great informative post for the new blogger and will clear up a few questions you have about why blogging should require it’s own URL – Help yourself instead of helping the blog hoster.

So if you have serious about making some money blogging you should head over to benefits of blogging with your own domain name now.

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Blog back online

Well it’s been a while since scriptbloggers was taken offline due to the fact that i had so much on i thought it would be best to close it down for a while and start back up with a new design and some fresh content. I’ll be adding some old content to the site that i think will benefit some readers.

Welcome back to any readers that previously took an active roll in the scriptbloggers blog and i hope you enjoy the new site as i will be updating the website everyday with some great content.

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