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Youtube spam comments, Any solution?

As some of you may have already known I use Youtube to upload and share my gameplay videos for With more than 250 videos uploaded they receive good exposure and fair amount of comments and discussions. But it has been a around two months that my videos are being bombarded by youtube comment spammers trying to promote their shady websites through the video comments. Promoting websites that don’t even make sense like “downloading ps3 games for free” but unfortunately some people still fall for their scam.

It started with 10-20 spam comments and grew quickly to a point that I don’t even bother going through my video comments anymore because there is no way I get around to clean them all up. There is no point reporting them as spam either because they are mostly from different users on different videos. Also the panel to manage Youtube comments is just a display only and there is no functionality in it. Even deleting a comment from the comment panel only removes it from the inbox and not from the video, how stupid is that?! There is no way to manage comments on different videos at the same time and once in a specific video comments section there is no way to apply an action to more than one comment at a time, so everyday I have to go through a huge list of videos and remove spam comments one by one on each video individually and since there is no filter functionality within comments, you can’t use keyword search to find the ones containing certain spam keywords which means they are mixed with hundreds of legit comments.

How hard is it for Youtube to add a simple Captcha to the comments section?

As much as I hate captcha it does minimize the number of spam and at least can be considered as a temporary solution till they develop a better way.

If you are dealing with the same problem and have a solution to make it at least easier please share it ’cause I’m sure you’ll make a lot of people thankful.

Here are a few examples of the spam comments I receive on my videos:

They are mostly smartly written and randomly change to look more legit and human written.

i downloaded this on my personal computer for truly free. google “ps3 quick download” and it’s the first link. What a no questions asked nice ps3 video game.. All the latest games can be downloaded from the “ps3 quick download” website! just google “ps3quickdownload”.

i downloaded this on my netbook for sure as hell free. type in google “ps3 quick download” and it’s the first link. What a great great ps3 game! All the latest games can be downloaded from the “ps3quickdownload” website! just google “ps3quickdownload”

i downloaded this completely free on my Desktop Computer. Google “ps3 quick download” and simply click the first link. It’s a wonderful game! All the latest ps3 games are there for download on the “ps3 quick download” site!

i downloaded this absolutely free on my Laptop. Google “ps3quickdownload” and click the first link you see. It’s a super game! All the latest ps3 games are there for download on the ps3quickdownload site!

i downloaded this free on my Desktop Computer. Google “ps3quickdownload” and click the first link. It’s a admirable game! All the latest ps3 games are there for download on the ps3quickdownload site!

This is an excellent game, I stumbled across it for free here: FINDGAMES4FREE {.} COM

This is a very nice game, I managed to get it free at: findgames4free |dot| com

you can get this playstation 3 game for free. Google “ps3 quick download” – click the first link. I downloaded it and it’s superb! There are ton’s of ps3 games on the “ps3quickdownload” website!!

Video game developers need to put out more games like this one! It’s INTENSE! I just got a free copy of it from GETYOURSFREETODAY (.) COM and I can’t stop playing it!

I saw this movie today online at moviegoblin . com check em out buddy

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too blocky…….avatar is better at . AVATARDOWNLOAD ( . )TK

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Must say this is excetional I always tend to play it at the weekends with my uncles they are brilliant at it. I actually got it utterly free for my sony ps3 from 115 games . com there are literally hundreds and the best thing is they are all totally free also I must say 2:30 to 3:40 was fine

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amazing fun its often played a lot around christmas time with my sisters they are very good at it. I was lucky and downloaded it totally free for my ps3 from here 115 games. com they have hundreds and they are all totally free by the way 2:23 was rad

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wow i finaly found the full working download

superb I play it all the time during the winter with my mum she is really awesome at it. I managed to download the game utterly free for my nintendo wii from here nintendo wii games (.) TV they have literally thousands and the best thing is they are all free too also I must say 0:01 was striking

Excellent game I really like 0:11 I managed to get it free here ps3 game . tv

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Dynadot is down, Yahoo! mail is down and I’m going crazy!

UPDATE: Well, I guess by now, everybody knows that Dynadot is back up after more than 36 hours of downtime, that’s a good thing but I still can’t believe they have just left it with no announcement, no explanation and no apology like it has never happened! I could understand if it was 2-3 hour downtime but 36 hours isn’t something you can ignore. I still can’t accept a hardware failure could bring Dynadot down for such a long time.

The file system on our main server was corrupted, probably due to a hardware failure. It took us this entire time to rebuild our servers from the backups.

A Dynadot staff said on their forum. (Source)

It took them the whole time to recover the data from the backups? This means they don’t have proper RAID or fault-tolerance system which means the same situation or even 10 times worse can happen any time.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Dynadot’s customer service. They said that there was a hardware problem which brought the site down and they are trying to get it fixed this evening. On the side note I should say they actually picked up the phone! No answering machine or anything which is amazing!

UPDATE: I can’t believe Yahoo’s problem was only for the “All-New Mail” and when I switched to “classic mail” everything is back to normal!

I feel bad not posting anything interesting here and it looks like Scriptbloggers is becoming the status report of what site “is down” blah blah blah!

Well, I think I’m a domainer more than a blogger and when I face the following error message for more than 16 hours when trying to go to my main domain registrar where hundreds of my domains sit I become stressed and pretty much miserable:

This stress becomes 10 times worse when I can’t even log into my mailbox at Yahoo! Mail:

Well, I can only hope that it’s nothing serious (with Dynadot) but anyways there is nothing I can do and I guess I have to live with that :)

Thank God Scriptbloggers is up and running…


Is DigitalPoint forum down?

I’m afraid so! If you’re one of the thousands of people who keep refreshing the browser with the hope to get on DP, I’m sorry to let you know that your internet connection is not the problem. DigitalPoint forums is currently down.

You want to check it yourself? Go to and type in the Quick Check box on the sidebar and click Check.

Make sure you’re not checking “” ’cause there is nothing wrong with that site. It’s only subdomain which is down and not the parent site.

Well, It’s not necessarily a bad thing! I’m already writing in my blog after 3 months (beside the post about ArticleSale launch.) instead of wasting my time reading all the posts in its marketplace to make sure I don’t miss any good deal.

Anyways, Just in case, if you’re here from a Google, searching for anything related to DigitalPoint being down, and you’re an article writer who use DP as the place to sell unique articles, you’ll probably find ArticleSale interesting, specially now that you have some time to spend on it :)

Have a great day.



A new kind of SPAM!

I can’t stop laughing since I saw this spam comment on one of my posts at Scriptbloggers.

to: Admin – If You want to delete your site from my spam list, please visit this site for instructions:

Out of curiosity I checked the website mentioned above and it made me laugh even harder:

And submitting the form results in the following message: (Obviously I’m not stupid enough to use real information!)

Thanks! You will no longer receive messages with advertising from us.

See! Getting rid of spam has never been this easy!

… And I lived, spam-free happily ever after. :)


LittleBigPlanet Discussion Forum

After launching LittleBigPlanet Blog, it’s time to hear back some voices from LBP fans community and that’s what LittleBigPlanet Discussion Forum is all about!

It may sound stupid but I can’t get rid of my thoughts and ideas about LBP! I almost can’t find any limit and eveyday something new comes up in my mind! This is one of the few games worth discussing (IMHO) and that’s why I’ve launched LBP Forum.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean playing and wasting all my time with video games, I mean there are much more you can do using this “game”. Can’t see what I mean, check out Sony’s presentation at E3 2008!

Unlike the last time which I decided to make a forum and purchased a commercial script for that (Which ended up being a terrible decision), this time I found nothing better than Vanilla. It’s clean, light and free with no crazy feature which reduces the risk of bugs and security holes. (Comparing to phpBB)

Now I’m hoping that other people are also going to like the idea of simplicity.



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Possibility of a bug in WordPress 2.6


For a long time I was wondering why I’m not getting comments on my new posts on Scriptbloggers while I could see people submitting comments, by looking at my stats and today I found a terrible bug which I’m going to report, hopefully it will be fixed, but I apologize if I’ve deleted your comments due to this stupid bug!

Here is the situation:

How do you deal with pages of comments? It’s relatively easy, you just log in to your admin panel, go to the comments section and click on “Awaiting Moderation” tab, then it shows all the comments waiting for your approval with pagination and each page contains 20 (I repeat; 20) comments. In my case they were mostly spam, so what I used to do was to review the page to make sure all of them are spam and click on the check-box beside the word “comment” which will check-mark all the individual check-boxes for the comments in that page and I click on “Delete” because marking them as spam is waste of MySQL resources.

Here is an image showing what I used to do in sequence:

As you see there were 1,457comments and I check-marked 20 of them and clicked on Delete, now take a look at the next screenshot:

How many comments? 1,432! That means 25 comments were removed while 5 of them were in the next page which I haven’t got the chance to review them! So this way you’re actually deleting 20% of the comments without reviewing.

I tried checking all the boxes on a page manually and it worked as expected, causing exactly 20 comments to be removed.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up so that you won’t miss valuable comments.

Now I’m going to report the bug in and hopefully it will be fixed soon :)


Google AdSense for domains, Interesting but ….?!

Well, I finally decided to do something with all my unused domains till I either develop a website on them or sell them for the right price. They were mostly just registered and left pointed to the registrar’s default nameservers, forwarding visitors to a parking page which is in favor of the registrars more than anyone else.

So I just decided to park them somewhere to:

1- Have an idea of the estimated traffic they get.
2- Make them available to people interested to buy.
3- Earn something out of them. At least to pay their own renewal fees.

Park them on Sedo? Hmm, I don’t think so! After my terrible experience with them I can’t even think about doing it, specially with their ridiculous commission fees.

Park them at their own registrar? Unfortunately I don’t have all my domains in one single place so It’s not really possible, beside not all of their registrars offer cash parking.

So I started thinking about how Sedo shows ads from Google network on the parked domains, since I knew you’re not allowed to put the regular Adsense on pages without content so I did a quick search and found Google Adsense for domains.

Wow! Interesting but it’s not public and I had to fill out a contact form to see if I’ll get approved or not. It took me around an hour to fill out and submit the form and guess what? I got the following autoresponder:

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense for domains.

Google is not currently accepting new partners for the AdSense for domains program. However, we’ll be sure to keep your contact information on file and will contact you if and when Google opens the program to new partnerships and/or new products become available.

In addition, please note that AdSense for domains is only for undeveloped domain portfolios. If you have any content on your web site(s), we recommend that you try Google AdSense for content, which you can learn more about at .

Thank you again for your interest.

hmmm, stupid, isn’t it? It would be nice if they had this piece of text on the form page not after asking so much information!

Anyway I’ll have to come with another idea for parking my unused domains.

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Spam comments are down to 12 a day!

OMG! I can’t describe how great it feels to log in to my admin panel and see only 12 comments waiting for approval! I’m not trying to blame my own faults on anything else but high volume of spam comments were one of the reasons I got frustrated and kinda slowed down working on the site and maintaining it which then resulted in the whole tragic story of getting hacked and its side effects.

When I compare my blog with some of my friends’ blogs, I see I’m getting 10 times more spam than most of them and I see the reason in not using “no follow” for the external links which I’ve already discussed here.

I still believe in not using it on Scriptbloggers to give more value and show some appreciation to valuable comment authors but if you are planning to do the same, you have to accept the spam flood as a result.


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Tired of spam, had to sacrifice the Pingbacks

It was so frustrating to review and moderate more than 300 comments a day containing 99.9% spam, only because of the possibility of losing a few real comments.
Since at least 95% of those spam comments were actually trackbacks and not comments, using CAPTCHA or other human confirmation methods didn’t help.
So the only way for me was to disable pingbacks and trackbacks in WordPress settings but it only works for the new posts and has no effect on the old ones which are the target of most attacks.
I had to edit all the posts, one by one and remove the check-mark beside “Allow Pings” which is just too much to do! So here is the tiny little MySQL query that does the magic:
UPDATE wp_posts SET `ping_status`='closed';
TADAAA! It disabled the ping_status for all the posts.

I know I won’t receive pingbacks but I think it worth an extra an hour a day I will save by not going through spam comments. Now I can spend more time doing something more creative on scriptbloggers.


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Congratulations! Scriptbloggers is back in Google index

Just a quick update: After around a month since it got removed from Google’s index, scriptbloggers is finally back in the results and apparently it is taking back its serp positions again (fingers crossed :D )

In order to gain back Google’s trust I’m going to update the blog more often with fresh and useful content. So keep in touch, I’m sure there will be something useful for everyone :D

After all, I still don’t have a real purpose for this blog and I still don’t know why I’m doing all this … :D


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