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Google Pagerank Update

Finally it’s nice to see Google is updating the toolbar pagerank.

Yet, it’s not completely finished and the difference between different DCs can be seen which is the difference between the old value and the new one.

The result of this update for me wasn’t too disappointing ;)
Some of my site’s gained while some others lost! There are just a few of my websites kept the same Pagerank as before !

Anyway we all know that Google updates its Pagerank regularly and what happened recently is just a reflection of what Google already had on toolbar.

Here it goes:

  • up_arrow.gif 4 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 5 (was 0) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 2 (was 1)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 1 (was 0)
  • up_arrow.gif 3 (was 0)
  • Down 3 (was 4)
  • Down 4 (was 5)
  • Down 4 (was 5)

None of the ones which lost pagerank was unexpected. In fact I’m glad they lost only one point but regarding the other ones I’m really surprised and happy !

Who could have expected to see which I started Oct. 8th get a Pagerank or get Pagerank 5 !!!!

There seems to be a value in the links I put on scriptbloggers ’cause most of them gained a value more than what I expected.

Now I know the reason why I find,,, … in the first page for a lot of related search terms!

Now I think I’m really wasting my sites’ potential and should start using them in the best way I can.

Please note that I just checked all the Pageranks using and I’m just hoping it’s not a bug or mistake ;)


Search engines index update

As far as I experienced before, MSN was the fastest search engine in term of index update when it comes to new sites but I was surprised when I saw indexed in both Google and Yahoo but not at MSN !

Yahoo was fast enough but I couldn’t expect such a fast update from Google specially for a domain that is 15 days old !

Anyway I know that I can’t expect any stable good result from Google at least for 6-9 months but I will try my best to take advantage of the other two in this time.

This is another mini-project of mine which I started as a SEO practice and the goal is to gain good ranking for the term “Online Ads” which is searched 1202 times a month on yahoo according to Overture.

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I gave up but my sites didn’t!

Hi there,

After passing toughest stages of life -losing my brother – I’m trying to push myself back to life and as Pink Floyd’s great song “Coming back to life”.

After around 2 months since my last post I finally decided to come back and make myself busier with my sites, little by little and not as crazy as I used to be but seeing my sites doing much better than before gave me an extra will to work.

If you leave any business unattended, it falls and fails but my sites lived by their own and it’s exactly what I love about online business.

Besides earnings I had from Adsense, previous ad subscriptions and affiliate links, I received a lot of interest for advertisement on my different sites.

Checking Google Analytics showed me the reason! Traffic for most of my sites became double as they got unbelievable ranks in major search terms beside some links from high traffic forums.

I learned my lesson, PATIENCE is the key to success.

Now I really feel so confident about my SEO techniques so I adopted two new babies :) & and soon I will begin to use this SEO techniques for a whole new kind of project in Real Estate Industry!

I know I’m going crazy again but this time I’ll try to work more organized, step by step with less pressure.

Lets ROCK ;)



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Ebay Affiliation Program

Finally I have decided to put some time and effort to try eBay affiliation program but in a kind of unique way.

The basics will be to implement it on my domains with highly searched keywords and trying to optimize and rank them well specially on MSN search results.

Why MSN ?

Not because of number of searches, of course it is not comparable to Google but it is because there is no such stupid thing like Google’s sandbox preventing new sites to rank well and succeed because of age factor.

MSN gives the new domains and old ones, equal chance to succeed and the good news for me is that MSN ranking is highly based on keywords used in url, specially when used in domain name.

As I had good experiences with my previous attempts on optimization for MSN I don’t have much to lose, even if it doesn’t work, it is going to be a good SEO practice again LOL.

Currently I am thinking of two sites to start: ~13k searches a month based on OVT ~33k searches a month based on OVT

Let’s see how it goes.



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Google is playing with Pagerank but still no confirmed pagerank update

Today there were some weird Pagerank stumble signs for some domains specially on the following Google datacenters:


The reported Pagerank change didn’t last long for me and they returned to the same previous number as they were within hours but still there are people experiencing same situation for some websites.

While still there is no confirmed news of toolbar pagerank update, chances are pretty high that toolbar Pagerank update occurs these days based on the timings taken from previous occurrences.

Since the actual Pagerank updates regularly and kind of on daily basis, this toolbar pagerank update will not affect the actual search engine ranking and it is just the time people can actually see the Pagerank Google assigned to their pages through the toolbar.

For people who care about PR, it is a really important time because it actually shows if the efforts they made were successful or not.

I’m also interested to see what will happen to my sites specially some of my site’s inner pages.

I will update the blog once I get a confirmed news.





My existing projects need attention

I’m usually good at starting a whole new idea doing all the hard parts and then leaving it AS IS in the worst time, when everything is 95% done, and I get busy to start other interesting ideas. I think I can make some automated cash flow doing small modifications on some of the current websites I have.

BulgariaHiTech gets really good rankings on Google for most of my new posts within a day and even in competitive terms, and I think I’m crazy not using its potentials as it can be a perfect source of income through affiliate marketing. This is going to be my first priority in the following week. I will keep here updated.

LiveProxies was a project of mine I started March 23rd 2007 without any commercial thought and just as a coding, wp modification and SEO practice. WordPress did the miracle and a few days later I was facing a reasonable amount of traffic coming from search engines specially MSN so I opened the site for proxy owners to submit their site for free even without link-back since I didn’t care about Google and the Pagerank I may lose. Process of reviewing and approving the site was a little time-consuming but it was ok since I had 2-3 submissions a day that could take a couple of minutes every week so not a big deal. But little by little as the site’s traffic increased, proxy owners found it as a good source of traffic and it is getting ~15 submissions a day as an average.

Two months ago I tried selling sponsored result (top 3 spot) at a fixed monthly/weekly price and it was successful with mostly happy advetisers but it requires me to manually add the advertiser’s link and remove them once their listing expire and re-market the spot for sale and this is the part I’m not good at.

Now that the site has enough visitors and advertisers I’m thinking to implement a PPC system to add/remove/rank advertisers based on their available funds and bid and I think this is the best way for both parties, me and advertisers.

Today I made the first step and added a click counter and soon will add the rest of requirements. Hope it will work.

SudokuDay was another project I started a year ago, did all the difficult part of php programming but again put it aside till May 2007. A little work made it a daily semi-automated Sudoku generator and because of its frequent updates it started getting targeted traffic from search engines but there are some minor but important features missing.

1- A timer as most of Sudoku players prefer to see the time spent to resolve the puzzle.

2- PDF generator as there are people interested to print the daily puzzle and use it offline.

I’m hoping to add these two features early this week.

Keep in touch.Cheers,



My new hope,

First of all I do apologize not being able to keep my word on updating scriptbloggers on daily basis.

I don’t want to complain but this week I got into family related issues that caused my time to be fully packed.

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned about as my new online business.

In general AlliedNetworkInc. is a network of Pageranked blogs (Currently 12 Pr4/3 blogs), ready to host your article or review with links back to your site. Its mission is to increase your site’s link popularity and boost your search engine ranking.

For a very small fee, people can have their article with 3 links back to their site, permanently on a network of Pageranked blogs to increase their link popularity resulting in higher Google Pagerank and improved Technorati rank. (See how this network decreased ScriptBloggers’ Technorati rank to 249,330)

AlliedNetworkInc has been started as an independent network but it is going to be the central point for selling link/ad-space on my other sites. (i.e. )

I have some other Pr6/5 blogs that will be added to this network very soon.

Hopefully this weekend I am going to launch some new services and will have more updates on




Way behind the plans !

Hi There,

Long time no see ;)

No I wasn’t that busy not to be able to update the blog, I just recovered from illness, some kind of weird ones that caused me spend most of my time sleeping (LOL ) but believe me, I am not joking !

For me, 6-8 hours sleeping a day is too much and was considered as waste of valuable time but since weeks ago, I slept 12 hours a day as average and it took me way behind my plans. (8 hours at work, so just 4 hours home)

I have just 15 days to hit my first target at $500 a month with Just Online business and I even lost what I’ve gained so far.

Anyway I will try my best to do it.

Currently there are some good news for myself:

Casinonewbies is getting out of google Sandbox (age factor) and is getting nice amount of traffic for highly competitive keywords.(i.e. “online casino”)

After a big drop in LiveProxies traffic (because it got blocked in several filtering systems), now it’s backing up again gaining good positions at Serps specially Google and MSN resulting in getting 60% Organic traffic, 30% referrals and 10% Direct.

Google Analytics shows that SudokuDay is doing GREAT ! Getting all it’s traffic from Google and Technorati and it’s beyond my expectations as it doesn’t have much content and just updates itself with new puzzles once a day.

SmileyGen‘s analytics was like a shocking news in the past week as I found it standing in the first position in Yahoo for a very good related search term without any attempt for optimization.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned about BulgariaHiTech or not but if I didn’t it is a Pagerank 5 domain I purchased a while ago, started a technology blog on it and because of its high Pagerank, it keeps getting unbelievable ranks in Google for most of the new postings I made. Still I am not using all it’s potentials but it definitely can be a big asset to hit my target.

And there is one more business I started recently. some of you may have been noticed from the list on the right side of Scriptbloggers; AlliedNetworkInc.

AlliedNetworkInc requires its own post as I have a lot to say about it.

In the remaining time (around 15 days) I will try to update this blog daily so keep in touch.




Good News for “Domain Name” Lovers

First I have an update on my projects then the good news, it’s like the advertisements you see before the movies or favorite tv shows.

What is New ?

  • I got an unbelievable domain name, again with high hopes for it. (Html Source)

According to Overture there are 108,690 searches per day for the word “html” that means more than 3M a month and around 15M on Google. I think I will be able to take my share so I already started thinking and planing on some nice ideas for it. Currently,I just installed a WordPress blog on it with a unique mini article, just to start the Google Sandbox’s timer and get out of it more quickly.

Again your ideas are highly appreciated.

  • LiveProxies finally beat Wikipedia on MSN.

Wikipedia was its only competitor on MSN for some related search terms and finally LiveProxies won the ranking race. I will start to disclose and share how easy is to get ranked well on MSN very soon. Currently I’m doing some final testings to finish my report but I will publish it as soon as it becomes ready.

OK now what is the good news for domain name lovers?

As I’m really overflowed by projects and domain names, but unfortunately can’t get rid of the addiction of searching for good available domain names, I decided to publish the valuable available domain names here. this way there will be a win-win-win situation. I won’t lose money, the domain name won’t be wasted and you will get a good name. Cool ?

I’m going to create a new category and start it shortly to reduce the temptation of registering them by myself, hope it works.

Don’t forget to leave me comments. ;)



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Projects Update

Hi there,

This weekend I really couldn’t do much for my projects as I had to work on my dued taxes but here are some major updates and decisions I’ve made.

It seems that CasinoNewbies needs to get more aged to get out of Google sandbox and there is not much I can do so I decided to stop spending money for it till it gets at least 6 months old, in this time I can continue building back-links to increase its Pagerank. got Alexa rank of 156k so I decided to remove the Adsense in header and start advertising to sell the first 3 spots on it, on monthly or weekly subscriptions.

Scriptbloggers really works for me and makes me follow my projects one by one, so I’ll keep it updated as much as I can.

I’m going to disclose and start beta testing one of my best projects this weekend so keep in touch. It’s a really useful service.



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