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Happy new year everyone!

Hi there,

Happy new year!

Hope 2008 will be a year full of Online and Offline success for all of us who try (including myself) ;)

After a long time finally I got the time to sit at my desk and do something other than WORK, either contract work or my own projects which have been pretty much faded!

God, I really missed blogging while I can’t really call myself a “blogger”! What a blogger who has 2 posts on December, 1 in November and 3 in October ? ahh, that sucks but hopefully things will get better soon, I’m positive…

Speaking about my projects, I said “pretty much faded” but not completely, because I finally managed to launch which is the state of the art in programming and efficiency, not mentioning its great idea and usefulness.

After being ripped off several times by people who call themselves “Article Writers” I felt the need for an article marketplace which you can see a sample of the articles before you pay for them, without days for the article to become ready !

This is what is all about.

Basically  I buy high quality prewritten articles in bulk and put them for sale on, then the first person who makes the payment using the Paypal button, will be the owner and the article will be removed from our store permanently :)

So if you ever needed content for your website, for article submission, SEO or any other purpose, it’s good to take a look at my new Article Marketplace :)

More than its idea, I love the coding I did for it, it’s 95% automated while I kept my faith in WordPress and used it as the framework.

Beside that I was mostly occupied by my work, full time and contracts which is anything but fun! (Well, sort of… specially when you get paid.)

Have fun,



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I gave up but my sites didn’t!

Hi there,

After passing toughest stages of life -losing my brother – I’m trying to push myself back to life and as Pink Floyd’s great song “Coming back to life”.

After around 2 months since my last post I finally decided to come back and make myself busier with my sites, little by little and not as crazy as I used to be but seeing my sites doing much better than before gave me an extra will to work.

If you leave any business unattended, it falls and fails but my sites lived by their own and it’s exactly what I love about online business.

Besides earnings I had from Adsense, previous ad subscriptions and affiliate links, I received a lot of interest for advertisement on my different sites.

Checking Google Analytics showed me the reason! Traffic for most of my sites became double as they got unbelievable ranks in major search terms beside some links from high traffic forums.

I learned my lesson, PATIENCE is the key to success.

Now I really feel so confident about my SEO techniques so I adopted two new babies :) & and soon I will begin to use this SEO techniques for a whole new kind of project in Real Estate Industry!

I know I’m going crazy again but this time I’ll try to work more organized, step by step with less pressure.

Lets ROCK ;)



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I have to give up!

Yes, you hear me right.

I really have to give up trying to hit my target, at least temporarily !

I’ve got a lot of side development freelance projects that need to be done, the revenue is great and around 20 times higher than what I wanted to reach but it really doesn’t make me satisfied.

My attempts to establish an automated business online, were not for money since I’ve never had financial problem due to kind of high salary full-time job I have and I always knew I can accept freelance projects but I don’t want to work forever and I don’t want to be limited physically that’s the fact I want to established an automated online business.

Anyways these days I am surrounded by deadlines and I barely have extra time to put my thoughts together and work on projects of mine so I have to give myself a break but don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have anything to do with Scriptbloggers ’cause this is my BLOG not BUSINESS.

Blogging has never been a business for me,… well can be but not for me. There are a lot of bloggers out there, started a blog, put a lot of time and effort gathering info, updating their blogs and promoting it to gain readers but simply after 4-5 months, they feel lost and disappointed then they break whatever they’ve created so far.

If there has been only one thing I’ve learnt while trying to establish my online living, that is “Patience“.  That’s the key most of the times.

Just as an example, CasinoNewbies could be considered as a complete failure but it’s hard to believe how many advertisement offers I received within last 7 days. Same about LiveProxies and even my young project “Allied Network Inc.” with its happy returning customers.

Ok so I will continue my slow but contiguous work on projects without setting any deadline till I found my situation good enough to meet a planned timeline.




Ideas needed

Hi there,

I really need help and suggestions on one of my brilliant domains getting around 120 visitors a month and even earning couple of bucks a month from clicks it gets on sedo parking page. The reason I parked it at sedo wasn’t the rev, it was just because it’s the easiest way to have an idea of the number of visitors.

The domain name is BuildFree(.)com and I know if used properly it can be converted to a self-successful project but for some reason it has been months that I couldn’t think of a unique and good idea to implement on it since I really don’t want to spoil it.

Both .net and .org ones are active and have daily traffic (they are not mine) and since I own .com, I am mostly getting their typo traffic since there are a lot of people like myself trying (.com) by default when they hear of a domain name.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.




July 14, Where am I ?

A day before my deadline.

I failed hitting my first target which was $500 a month substantial online income.

Well, I hit it, even 6 times more but with cheating.  Surely, if I count earnings from freelance programming projects I did, domains and websites I’ve sold it will be much more than that amount but I just want to rely on one or two automated online businesses with a substantial income stream.

Currently AlliedNetworkInc is showing $150-$200 profit a month, Liveproxies generates $50 a month that needs some optimization and improvement, Misc. earning from rest of domains ~$30 and there is a pending ad contract for Casinonewbies that is still in negotiation, so based on current information, I managed to earn $230-$280 a month so far that is around half of what I expected which is a shame but mmmm acceptable as I didn’t have enough time to concentrate and dedicate myself to work on these projects :)

Now I have to extend the deadline to Aug 15 which I’m still afraid of not having enough time as I have lots of scheduled projects with tight deadlines to do in this time, at my fulltime office job.

Anyway I will try my best.




Is Sedo a good and safe place to sell ?

Personally I thought the answer would be YES till I experienced something else.

Around two months ago I received an offer for one of my domains, after a long negotiation process, decided to sell it but because the offer was lower than what I expected, I put it on auction, feeling confident that anyway the domain will be sold to the initial bidder if no other bid take place, and finally auction ended with the initial bid.

In their Auction FAQ they clearly stated the fact that the domain is GUARANTEED to be sold to the highest bidder.

From Sedo Faq page:

Is my domain guaranteed to sell if I auction it on Sedo?
Marketplace auctions definitely end in a sale! Domains may only be sent to auction when you receive an offer which will serve as the reserve. Auctions run only as long as the offer is binding, therefore should you not receive any new offers during the auction, the domain will definitely sell to the buyer whose offer lead to the auction.

With Broker Initiated Auctions, the domain will only sell once the reserve has been met.”

Passing almost a month from the day auction ended and still no news from buyer nor from Sedo.

The transaction status shows “Buyer found. Transaction in progress…” and the domain is no longer for sale and I can’t even sell it to someone else.

Contacted the customer support at Sedo and all I heard back was they already contacted the buyer and I should be patient but how long ?

I thought it’s good to share this experience with people who might be interested.

I will try to keep here updated if something comes up.



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My existing projects need attention

I’m usually good at starting a whole new idea doing all the hard parts and then leaving it AS IS in the worst time, when everything is 95% done, and I get busy to start other interesting ideas. I think I can make some automated cash flow doing small modifications on some of the current websites I have.

BulgariaHiTech gets really good rankings on Google for most of my new posts within a day and even in competitive terms, and I think I’m crazy not using its potentials as it can be a perfect source of income through affiliate marketing. This is going to be my first priority in the following week. I will keep here updated.

LiveProxies was a project of mine I started March 23rd 2007 without any commercial thought and just as a coding, wp modification and SEO practice. WordPress did the miracle and a few days later I was facing a reasonable amount of traffic coming from search engines specially MSN so I opened the site for proxy owners to submit their site for free even without link-back since I didn’t care about Google and the Pagerank I may lose. Process of reviewing and approving the site was a little time-consuming but it was ok since I had 2-3 submissions a day that could take a couple of minutes every week so not a big deal. But little by little as the site’s traffic increased, proxy owners found it as a good source of traffic and it is getting ~15 submissions a day as an average.

Two months ago I tried selling sponsored result (top 3 spot) at a fixed monthly/weekly price and it was successful with mostly happy advetisers but it requires me to manually add the advertiser’s link and remove them once their listing expire and re-market the spot for sale and this is the part I’m not good at.

Now that the site has enough visitors and advertisers I’m thinking to implement a PPC system to add/remove/rank advertisers based on their available funds and bid and I think this is the best way for both parties, me and advertisers.

Today I made the first step and added a click counter and soon will add the rest of requirements. Hope it will work.

SudokuDay was another project I started a year ago, did all the difficult part of php programming but again put it aside till May 2007. A little work made it a daily semi-automated Sudoku generator and because of its frequent updates it started getting targeted traffic from search engines but there are some minor but important features missing.

1- A timer as most of Sudoku players prefer to see the time spent to resolve the puzzle.

2- PDF generator as there are people interested to print the daily puzzle and use it offline.

I’m hoping to add these two features early this week.

Keep in touch.Cheers,



My new hope,

First of all I do apologize not being able to keep my word on updating scriptbloggers on daily basis.

I don’t want to complain but this week I got into family related issues that caused my time to be fully packed.

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned about as my new online business.

In general AlliedNetworkInc. is a network of Pageranked blogs (Currently 12 Pr4/3 blogs), ready to host your article or review with links back to your site. Its mission is to increase your site’s link popularity and boost your search engine ranking.

For a very small fee, people can have their article with 3 links back to their site, permanently on a network of Pageranked blogs to increase their link popularity resulting in higher Google Pagerank and improved Technorati rank. (See how this network decreased ScriptBloggers’ Technorati rank to 249,330)

AlliedNetworkInc has been started as an independent network but it is going to be the central point for selling link/ad-space on my other sites. (i.e. )

I have some other Pr6/5 blogs that will be added to this network very soon.

Hopefully this weekend I am going to launch some new services and will have more updates on




Way behind the plans !

Hi There,

Long time no see ;)

No I wasn’t that busy not to be able to update the blog, I just recovered from illness, some kind of weird ones that caused me spend most of my time sleeping (LOL ) but believe me, I am not joking !

For me, 6-8 hours sleeping a day is too much and was considered as waste of valuable time but since weeks ago, I slept 12 hours a day as average and it took me way behind my plans. (8 hours at work, so just 4 hours home)

I have just 15 days to hit my first target at $500 a month with Just Online business and I even lost what I’ve gained so far.

Anyway I will try my best to do it.

Currently there are some good news for myself:

Casinonewbies is getting out of google Sandbox (age factor) and is getting nice amount of traffic for highly competitive keywords.(i.e. “online casino”)

After a big drop in LiveProxies traffic (because it got blocked in several filtering systems), now it’s backing up again gaining good positions at Serps specially Google and MSN resulting in getting 60% Organic traffic, 30% referrals and 10% Direct.

Google Analytics shows that SudokuDay is doing GREAT ! Getting all it’s traffic from Google and Technorati and it’s beyond my expectations as it doesn’t have much content and just updates itself with new puzzles once a day.

SmileyGen‘s analytics was like a shocking news in the past week as I found it standing in the first position in Yahoo for a very good related search term without any attempt for optimization.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned about BulgariaHiTech or not but if I didn’t it is a Pagerank 5 domain I purchased a while ago, started a technology blog on it and because of its high Pagerank, it keeps getting unbelievable ranks in Google for most of the new postings I made. Still I am not using all it’s potentials but it definitely can be a big asset to hit my target.

And there is one more business I started recently. some of you may have been noticed from the list on the right side of Scriptbloggers; AlliedNetworkInc.

AlliedNetworkInc requires its own post as I have a lot to say about it.

In the remaining time (around 15 days) I will try to update this blog daily so keep in touch.




Coming back to blogging


I know a lot of you didn’t like the idea of domaining and discussions around it and there are others who are really in love with this business but I thought I’m getting way far of my main target of creating Scriptbloggers !

Anyway, I’ve got a good decision here and it was to move all the domaining related issues to my new site ( and keep Scriptbloggers my central point of projects.

Well, I’m getting closer to my deadline and I’m almost half a way to my first target ($500 a month) with some help of my domaining skills.

So I should pay more attention to what I do in these last steps as there is no time for trials and errors.

First: I got a good result from by removing Adsense from header and getting sponsors for it now the only problem is that it is blocked in some places (like the place I work) so I should give it a new life by creating more mirror sites that will not cost much for me.

Second: I have a feeling that CasinoNewbies is getting out of Google’s sandbox as it’s around 3-4 days that I see reasonable amount of organic visitors from Google on more competitive keywords. it will be definitely something I can count on but there is not much work to do.

Third: DnAve will be one of my short term sources of revenue as I got really good results these days focusing on domaining business but honestly it is not something I want to do forever as the way I do it needs my attention almost everyday.

And finally BlogDepot !

Yes, it’s also mine plus, , and some more that I can’t remember.

These are a part of project of mine that never came to reality but I was really surprised when I checked BlogDepot after 2 months and faced more than 60 blogs on it with Alexa rank of 387k !

I know I’m wasting the power and potential these domains have but they needs at least 3-4 days of work that currently I’m really interested to find !

I need a day just to put all my thoughts together and organize what I need to do.

As always your suggestions are really appreciated.



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