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Happy new year everyone!

Hi there,

Happy new year!

Hope 2008 will be a year full of Online and Offline success for all of us who try (including myself) ;)

After a long time finally I got the time to sit at my desk and do something other than WORK, either contract work or my own projects which have been pretty much faded!

God, I really missed blogging while I can’t really call myself a “blogger”! What a blogger who has 2 posts on December, 1 in November and 3 in October ? ahh, that sucks but hopefully things will get better soon, I’m positive…

Speaking about my projects, I said “pretty much faded” but not completely, because I finally managed to launch which is the state of the art in programming and efficiency, not mentioning its great idea and usefulness.

After being ripped off several times by people who call themselves “Article Writers” I felt the need for an article marketplace which you can see a sample of the articles before you pay for them, without days for the article to become ready !

This is what is all about.

Basically  I buy high quality prewritten articles in bulk and put them for sale on, then the first person who makes the payment using the Paypal button, will be the owner and the article will be removed from our store permanently :)

So if you ever needed content for your website, for article submission, SEO or any other purpose, it’s good to take a look at my new Article Marketplace :)

More than its idea, I love the coding I did for it, it’s 95% automated while I kept my faith in WordPress and used it as the framework.

Beside that I was mostly occupied by my work, full time and contracts which is anything but fun! (Well, sort of… specially when you get paid.)

Have fun,



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Clipshare Youtube clone script tips

Over the last six months i have been developing, designing and redoing clipshare websites for clients.  This is what i do on the side – develop clipshare websites, it helps develop my design abilities i have a bit of growth to go in the design field and i love to unleash my creative juices.

Over at the clipshare community forums there was a post asking why can i not get traffic and why is google not indexing my site.  I thought i’d help out and write this post.

5 tips to increase your clipshare youtube clone website traffic.

Notify users to write descriptions that are relevant you can do this on the upload.tpl file.  If a user see’s something saying – “By writing a relevant description your video will be viewed more times.” This will encourage users to write long tail descriptions which will help in search engine indexing.

Create backlinks and advertise your website -  Post video’s on other websites linking back to your website in the description.  Post on forums using your website link in the forum signature and submit your website to various directories and search engines.  Another way to create backlinks is to post on popular blogs that run in the same or similar niche as your website.

Edit your upload file to only allow adding a video to one channel.  If a video is added to three channels this increases the likelihood of a search engine picking up the content as being duplicated.  This will result in your website falling dramatically especially in google.

Link exchange – emailing webmasters of similar websites and exchanging links not only benefits you but it also benefits them, remember and make sure that the website is relevant to your niche or else you will receive non-targeted visitors which will not benefit you at all.

Offering an incentive for uploading – Try offering users an incentive to upload, this doesn’t have to be money or a prize although this will indeed increase participation.  It could come in the form of being ‘featured’ on the homepage of your clipshare website for a week.  If it get’s two – three more video uploads a week it’s a success.

Related Links: ffmpeg, youtube clone, flvtool2 hosting from only $2 per month – $10 free for affiliate signups and much much more!

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ebay affiliate script project

Making money with ebay is easy if you can generate the traffic to gain a good ROI, although the investment is pretty low the rates inwhich ebay award an affliate are also low. However there is a new software script called buildanichestore which is fast becoming the best ebay affiliates script on the market because of it’sactive community and excellent support.

Whats the ebay affiliate script project?

The ebay affiliate script project using the buildanichestore script is an experiment inwhich i have setup twelve webstores using the ebay affiliate software, the stores can be broken down into 2 main categories – remember this is an experiment so there will be alot of different variables as we seek out the best niche and product range for your store.

The ebay affiliate script project breakdown.

  • 12 web stores online
  • 6 web stores are on their own domain, the other 6 are folders of a main domain
  • 3 web stores are showing the ‘ebay’ logo to identify the store as an ebay affiliate
  • Each website covers a different niche from the ebay catalogue
  • 3 web stores contain unique article content written by myself
  • Every store also contains auctionads to compliment the ebay listings
  • Every store also contains google adsense

To recap the ebay affiliate script project powered by buildanichestore implements three types of income; google adsense, ebay affiliate through Commission Junction and auction ads by shoemoney.

The websites are now setup and i am waiting for search engines to start crawling the stores, i have some serious doubts about google as i suspect it will put the majority of sites in the Supplemental results index, but the sites that contain unique content will rank much better – this is all part of the experiment.

Reporting on the ebay affiliate script project

This project i plan to run for several months (3months atleast) – the reason for this is although results can be achieved sooner inorder to witness the real impact you need to take the average of a an extended period of time as earnings are going to fluctuate alot.

Each week i shall provide traffic details aswell as search engine statistics but at the moment i will keep the niche’s and website URL’s secret. I intend to reveal them closer to the end of the experiment – the reason for this is that i know visitors will take a look at the site without the desire to buy anything and this will inturn ruin the click through rate and the sales per visit ratio which i feel is important to monitor when starting off.

How can you get involved?

Join me in the experiment! simply visit buildanichestore and signup for the software. Next you will need somehosting. I am currently using Cirtexhosting and it costs around $4 a month – yeh it’s really cheap and works pretty well for the price.

Ask some questions in the comment section or contribute your own experiences using similar scripts.

- The next detailed update of the ebay affiliate script project will be in a weeks time, (although i will post mid week updates) sosubscribe to my feedburner at the top right handside of this page.


New youtube clone appears

A new youtube clone called scriptzbox has recently been gaining some well deserved attention, i’m sure you all know about the ‘youtube’ clone scripts available on the internet and how they all seem to look identical but everyone is claiming the script is theirs.

Well if you are running one of these scripts you are going to forget about it instantly. Scriptzbox is a newly coded script built entirely from the ground up and contains some amazing features;

Fully CSS based layouts
Module based system
Extensive administration features (and ongoing administration features)
Quality of code
Easy to configure
Post sale support
Community side of the site (better profiles, user browsing, better mail system, ratings etc)

You can read all about the scriptzbox new script over at SB

Below are some screenshots of the new script. Once it is released i will be setting up a website with this script and another with an alternative youtube clone Clipshare (extremely buggy and limited script) – in a identical niche so stay tuned to scriptbloggers for regular updates.

youtube clone youtube clone frontpage

Related Links: Top level ffmpeg, flvtool2. mencoder, youtube clone webhosting from as little as $4 per month. Includes a free $10 if you signup as an affiliate. Cirtexhosting provides youtube clone hosting.

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Blog back online

Well it’s been a while since scriptbloggers was taken offline due to the fact that i had so much on i thought it would be best to close it down for a while and start back up with a new design and some fresh content. I’ll be adding some old content to the site that i think will benefit some readers.

Welcome back to any readers that previously took an active roll in the scriptbloggers blog and i hope you enjoy the new site as i will be updating the website everyday with some great content.

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